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Thursday, April 28, 2005

I saw SAW

I caught the movie SAW on Astro Box Office last night, and anyone who knows me knows I love movies that feature inteligent and creative psycho serial killers. The guy in this one was no exception as he goes through alot of trouble it seems to get his message accross to his victims, like locking a fat guy in a cage and giving him a time limit to escape from the razor-wire tunnel before the door closes on him. And this girl that he put what he describes as a "reverse bear-trap" on this woman's head, which will rip her mouth open if she doesn't find the key to open it in time. Thing is, the key was in the stomach of another person in the room! As evil as he sounds, this is a guy who truly believes the situations he puts these poor people through is to help them value their lives more.
Anyways, the main focus of this movie is two guys locked in a bathroom or something together, and the two are chained to pipes on opposite sides of the room. One guy is a doctor, and the other guy's background you'll know once you watch the movie cause I don't want to give anything away. The doctor is given the choice that unless he finds a way to kill the other guy, the psycho will not only kill both of them himself, but also his family! There's also the focus on a detective played by Danny Glover who's obsessed with catching this psycho. So where does the SAW in the title come in? Watch the movie yourself to find out! I thought it was a really good psychological movie that gets you thinking who the heck the psycho really is and the ending might come as a bit of a surprise! I'd rank this one up there with Seven and Resurrection as far as interesting psycho serial-killers go.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Yes, we have BREAD!

I was watching The Apprentice II last night, and the task that was set before the two teams was that they had to open and run a restaurant, which will be judged by the patrons of said establishments. Now the thing that got to me was these two ignorant old ladies who visited the restaurant ran by the female team, and it's people like these that makes me hate old people, and growing old in general. Basically these two ignorant idiots complained about the environment of the restaurant, which indeed didn't match the neighbourhood it was in, but the old hags questioned the mix cuisine that was served, to which they asked the stupid question of "They serve bread in Asia???" How dumb does that sound? It's for reasons like that I think old people should be locked away. I've had a lot of experiance with ignorant old foreigners from when I was working in hotels, so don't think I'm just judging them based on this TV show.
And as for me getting old myself, don't worry. I already made arrangements with a friend of mine to push my wheelchair off a cliff when I'm old enough XD

Anyways, yesterday I did something I hadn't done in a LONG time. I bought a new CD! After a LONG dryspell of crappy music releases, finally something good is released. Mudvayne's new Lost and Found CD! Looks like there are some advantages for metal bands to sign to a major label instead of metal/rock labels.
I also manage to snag a working copy of God of War for the PS2. The previous version I bought had a bug in it that caused the game to hang when you reach the Pandora's Temple level. Now the fun can continue as I really love this game! Expect a review soon!

On to the blog! I've posted TWO Puroresu show reviews in the past few days, Osaka Pro Wrestling's Osaka Hurricane 2005, and All Japan Pro Wrestling's big REALIZE show where Satoshi Kojima dethroned Toshiaki Kawada for the Triple Crown. Speaking of All Japan Pro Wrestling, I've also posted the results for the full 2005 Champion Carnival tour.
And I've also got a PS2 game review up for TEKKEN 5. I originally posted the review a few weeks ago, but there was a internet error when I posted it and so it was lost, and being the dumbass that I am, I didn't back it up! So consider this a streamlined version of the original review where I may have missed some details from the original, possibly including some of my complaints.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wild Flowers = Fun Movie

Caught the movie Wild Flowers on ASTRO Box Office the other night. Fun Japanese movie about this guy who finds out his mother was a Japanese joshi wrestling legend after she died, and he inherits her gym and indy fed and tries to rebuild and re-establish joshi puro in Japan. And things pick up when two new recruits join the gym and become the star attractions. Lots of fun in ring and out of ring moments in this one, including appearances by joshi wrestlers such as Emi Tojo (the main heel wrestler), Teruko Kagawa and Cuty Suzuki (Funny I didn't recognise her!). The tone of the movie really mimics the real life situation of joshi puro in Japan now, in that it's a dying breed, especially with the recent closings of All Japan Women and GAEA in the last few weeks, which were the longest running joshi feds in Japan. I highly recommend watching this if you have ASTRO, or pick up the DVD or VCD if you can find it.

Caught the final episode of The Casino last night, and it really wasn't all that impressive. But what do you expect when the show isn't a contest? Matt Dusk finally gets to play in the showroom, Tommy proves himself as a worthy host, and everything seems to be going fine in the revival of the Golden Nugget. Hope they'll be a 2nd season of this reality series.

My home PC has been working alot of overtime recently since I've discovered the joys of downloading via torrents. Currently, I've just completed downloading of Galaxy Angels season 2 & 3, The Rikidozan movie, the Your Under Arrest live action series, and a whole lot of wrestling shows! Lucky for me I also have a DVD-writer to clear out my hardisc cause this stuff eats up alot of space!

Also want to give a shout out to my buddy, TenzanTeam2K, who's in Australia now and just celebrated his 20th birthday yesterday. Tanjobi Omedeto Gozaimasu, Dude!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Birthday Weekend

Yesterday was Trish's birthday, but we celebrated it early on Friday since she was working the evening shift at the pharmacy. I had to rush home after work at 5PM cause I had to wash my car in addition to getting ready for my night out with Trish. Funny thing, while I was washing down my car, my crazy dog Geanie was jumping around yapping at the car and water. Funny thing about that mutt is she hates being wahsed, but doesn't seem to have a problem playing in water. Anyways, after washing the car, I took a shower then rushed again to fetch Trish who finished work at 6PM. I sent her home first so she could shower and I picked her up from her place at about 7PM and we made a quick stop at Bintang Plaza to buy cineplex tickets for later.

So after we bought our tickets, we went for dinner at the Hot Spot. I've always wanted to try the Chicken Cordon Blue there, so what better time than now? We both enjoyed out meals, though I felt the Chicken Cordon Blue could have been more filling. We then made our way back to Bintang Plaza to watch Samara, the American sequel to The Ring. It was a pretty good horror movie, with some scary moments, but I don't think there was much to shout about in this one.
After the movie, I sent Trish home and wished her a happy birthday of course. We couldn't stay out too long because we were both pretty tired due to our work day, but we would continue celebrating her birthday on the following.

And speaking of work, it's amazing how low some people's business politics are. On Thursday our company sent a group of TIG welders to Brunei to undergo a Welders Test to see if they were competant to work for our client company on their project. Wouldn't you know our competitor would pull a low blow by informing the Immigration Dept that our men were there working without a visa?!? Our boys ended up getting arrested and spending several hours in the big house cause of that, and representatives from our company, our client and Brunei Shell had to go to the police station in Brunei to straighten things out that they were there strictly to take a test and not actually working. It's amazing the lows some people would take to get back at their competitors when they lost out to us in getting the contract.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. We continued celebrating Trish's birthday last night when I picked her up from work when she was done, and then we went to the Miri Marriott Resort to pick up something to eat from the bistro, since everything from the bakery was 50% off after 8.30PM! We bought some chicken pies and a root beer and then I sent her home, but not before I surprised her with a birthday card and a rose! She really loved them and of couse she thanked me with a big kiss. Life is good.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

More Power!!!

Yesterday my cousin Mel came over and helped me install my new double-fan power supply for my PC. I scored it cheap off Ebay for just 70 bucks! So now with a stronger power supply, my PC can handle both my DVD writer and CD writer, as well as the two hardiscs I have in there. It also shouldn't be a problem to leave my PC on overnight to download those big files off the torrent sites.

Caught another great episode of CSI last night and it's still way better than CSI: New York. I like the plot twist of the @$$hole department head, Ecklie, who can't stand Grissom and the gang and has now seperated them up! Will be interesting to see how things develop in the coming weeks.

Right now I'm in a bit of a pickle cause Trish's birthday is this Saturday, and I'm not really sure what to get her. I already bought a card, and plan on getting some flowers to present to her. I even plan on taking her to the Hot Spot for dinner. But I still feel I need a special gift for the occasion since we've been together almost three years now. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Feel the grind

I'm in a lotta pain right now. I can thank Trish for that cause she dragged me out to go jogging with her this evening. I thought I could handle it, but I found out the hard way that I might not be in as good a shape as I thought I would be. It also didn't help that I didn't do any stretches before going up the hill with Trish. Guess I'll need to work on my carbo. One thing's for sure, it's gonna ache like a sum'bitch in the morning!

Anyways, yesterday, Trish had her work shift changed to the afternoon, so we couldn't really go anywhere. I just hung out at the new arcade at Miri Square Mall, which was really the old arcade from Imperial Mall. They didn't have anything new either, so it was a bit dissapointing.
After I picked up Trish, we went back to the Miri Square Mall again for her to look around as it was near her work place. After that, we went to the Miri Marriott Resort to get some supper from the new bakery/coffee shop there. They got some great sandwiches and the best part is that it's all 50% off after 8.30pm!

And for those of you who didn't know, I've updated my VCD/DVD site with it's biggest puroresu show update ever! 14 shows from various organizations in Japan! Check it out!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

An Unforunate Movie

Last night me and Trish went to watch Leminy Snickett's A Series of Unfortunate Events at the Star Cineplex. It was an OK movie, but if I were gonna split it into 4 chapters, then the last chapter was downright BORING. I was just expecting so much better than how it turned out in the end after the first 3 parts were interesting to say the least. Basically this was one of those movies where kids are made out to look smart and grown-ups were made to look like ignorant idiots.
Prior to that, me and Trish bumped into Janice, a friend of ours back from our college days and her boyfriend, both of them I used to work with at the Miri Marriott Resort when it used to be known as the RIHGA Royal Hotel. Can't remember the guy's name though, even though I was the one that trained him XP

On Thursday I watched the first episode of Lost on AXN that really caught my interest, as the story finally seems to be unravelling a bit with the backgrounds of the characters being revealed as time goes by, as well as the mysteries of the island everyone is stranded on. Can't wait to see what happens next week!
I also caught my first full episode of The Contender, and what I saw was really disgusting as this idiot took the cheap way out by breaking a deal he made with his team mates and challenged the weakest member of the oppossing team, and of course he beat him with ease. It's bad enough he stabbed his team mates in the back to the point that they don't trust him anymore and want him out, but the idiot actually used his kids as an excuse as to why he did it. He might be showing his kids he's a good fighter by not dissapointing them by not losing a fight, but when the kids get older they'll just realize what a cheap-ass backstabber their father was. As one of the other fighters pointed out to Sylvestor Stallone at the end of the show, that guy was indeed the first fighter in the contest to take the cheap way out to advance. I think I'll start watching this show more regularly from here on out.

On to the blog business. I've posted a review for the PS2 Rumble Fish game. I originally did a review for Tekken 5 yesterday, but the Streamyx connection has been horrible these few days and when I click the post button, I got a windows internet error message and my entire review was lost! Serves myself right for not saving it first before posting it. I'll try to type it up and post it again in the next few days if I'm up to it.
I also received my first batch of DVDs from IVPVideos yesterday, which was really quick! Only about 3 weeks I believe. I'll also be updating my VCD site soon, hopefully later today, with a ton of new shows and will be turning the site into DVD only format soon also. So keep your eyes on the site for the changes!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

New York state of mind

Caught the premiere of CSI: New York on AXN last night. And while it was good, I kind of expected better for a the first episode. Sure it showed the difference between this show and the other two, but I guess maybe I set my standards a bit too high I guess. Hopefully, next week will be better.

Anyways, I got stuff up on the blog. WWE's annual WrestleMania extravagansa has come and gone, and it was a VERY GOOD show which lived up to the hype. Three OUTSTANDING matches and a true mark out moment made it more than worth the price. Check out my review in the puroresu blog.
I've also got a puroresu tape review up for the NOAH 3/5/2005 show where Rikio dethroned long running GHC Champion Kenta Kobashi, also a music video review for "Happy?" by Mudvayne as well as an update in the KOC2 blog. Check 'em out and enjoy while I go check out the original CSI on AXN now.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Long Week

Well, it's been a long week and I finally got around to updating the main blog.
On Saturday me and Trish went to watch this horror movie calle Eye 10, which basically about a bunch of teens who push their luck when they tried out the 10 ways to see ghosts. Of course things go bad for them in the end. I thought it was ok, but didn't like how the movie would jump from serious to funny out of the blue at times.
Anyways, for the fun of it, I thought I'd list down those 10 ways to see ghosts. Try them at your own risk!
1. Ouja Board - Basic way to communicate with spirits
2. Open an Umbrella indoors
3. Forbidden Shade - Open an Umbrella upside down
4. Midnight Dinner Call - Set up a meal at a cross road, and bang on the bowls with chopsticks and ghosts will come for the food.
5. Comb your hair in front of a mirror at midnight and the ghost you want to see will appear before you.
6. Rub your eyes with grease of a corpse
7. Peek 'N' Stoop - Bend over and look through your legs
8. Not sure what this one called, But involves playing hide 'n' seek at midnight, with the person being "it" searching out their friend's while carrying a black cat.
9. Near Death Experiance - Sleep in used burial clothes.
10. I actually forgot this one. But I note it down later if I remember.