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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hanging by their Nexess

Posted my review of New Japan's NEXESS VI Tokyo Dome show.
Note to New Japan: If your going to continue to put on big shows at the Tokyo Dome, you guys seriously need to remember to make the show worth the money your charging for it. Almost none of the matches on the card had that "big match" feel to it or anything special that you could have just done at the Sumo Hall.
I also get the feeling that the main event was a bit rushed and the whole purpose of it was to appease the Tenzan fans who have been crying out for him to get his Tokyo Dome main event slot. Well, he's got it and the big win to go with it. He'll be lucky to ever see that spot again.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Road Trip!

This will probably be the last post I make for the next few days as tomorrow, along with my family and my beutiful girlfriend Trish, I will be departing for a short vacation to Singapore. While there, I intend to make the usual rounds of finding CDs and stuff that you can't find here in Malaysia, AKA banned music CDs. But since my girl is also coming with me, and this is our first vacation together, we also intend to do a little sightseeing together.

But don't worry, comrades, I have some parting words of wisdom before I leave:
1. If your ever in Miri, DO NOT eat at the Seahorse Bistro. I had the displeasure of having dinner there this past weekend with my family and Trish, and the service was TERRIBLE and the food portions left much to be desired. My brother and me had the same sirloin steak order, but when it arrived, his was TWICE the size of mine! The least these dumbasses could do is standardise the food portions if they aren't going to train their high-school dropout staff on proper service and etiquette. So like I said above, stay away from here. The sooner it closes down due to lack of business, the better it will be for all of us.
2. If your ever in Miri and have a good budget to spare, maybe you should try checking out Frantini's Restaurant. It's an Italian restaurant ran by Filipino staff serving Italian food like Pizza and Pasta. It's better to come to a place like this in a group so you can order more and split the pricy bill around, or you'll think it's not worth the price after your meal.

So the rest of you who have to work, or go to school, or sit home to watch the kids, ENJOY the rest of your week. Cause I know I'm going to enjoy mine. I'll post a full report when I get back for your reading pleasure.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

R.I.P Matthew McGrory

Most people may not know the name Matthew McGrory off the bat, but chances are you've seen him on screen before, either in bit roles in movies mostly involving freaks and such, like the Tim Burton hit that I really want to see, Big Fish, or in various music videos like Coma White by Marilyn Manson. His latest movie project directed by Drew Sky would have been something to put him on the map, as it was a biopic of the legendary pro-wrestler Andre the Giant called Andre: Heart of the Giant. Filling the late Andre's shoes is no easy task, but I'm sure McGrory did it well as he himself stood over 7ft tall and was said to share similarities to the late wrestling legend. I'm sure many wrestling fans weren't even aware the movie was in the works like me until this news broke out today that McGrory had passed away at the young age of 32! No official reason has been given yet, but I also wonder now how the movie project would continue.

So, to Mr. McGrory, I say we knew ye not well, but rest in peace.

Monday, August 08, 2005


Where to begin? Thursday night me and Trish tried the new triple-cheese stuff crust pizza at Pizza Hut. It was OK, but the three different cheeses weren't actually melted together as advertised, more like seperated into 3 different sections around the pizza. And I'll still take the bread sticks over the garlic bread any day.

Friday night we went to watch latest Tsui Hark martial-arts movie, Seven Swords. This was a really cool story about seven warriors each with their own trademark sword who fight together to defend a town from a group of assasins. The action bits were really good, as you had a team of babyfaces who were legitimately better than the heels by leaps and bounds, and they kicked ass! The middle bit before the final battle was a bit boring though. Ok, maybe ALOT boring. And I didn't like how naive they made the most powerful warrior out to be, but he did manage to redeem himself in the end with a really cool fight sequence in a closed environment with the bad guy boss. Definately worth checking out!

Not much doing on Saturday as me and my mom brought my brother out to look for some clothes for the guy. The guy goes travelling, but doesn't bring any socks, sandals or enough clothes with him? Ok....
At least I manage to pick up a new pair of walking shoes for myself as well as a pair of new t-shirts. It's hard to find shirts my size that fit, so I'll usually take what I can get. I also surprisingly found a place that sold telescopic billy clubs, and cheaper and better looking than the ones I saw in KL before too! Definately going to get one when I have the chance and hopefully no one beats me to the punch.
Saturday night the family went for dinner at BBQ steamboat. Doesn't help my diet or the all you can eat buffet when I don't really eat much though. After that, my bro and I went to Boulevard where he, being unsatisfied with our DVD player at home that couldn't play all regions, took it upon himself to get a new one. It was cheap and made of plastic, but what the heck.

Sunday, me and my bro had to send the DVD player BACK, because the remote control didn't work. Problem easilly solved as it was under warranty, so after a quick test at the electrical department, we were conviced that the remote worked and made our way home where after installing the player my bro spent the rest of the afternoon watching the WWE DVDs he bought in Singapore. I'll stick to my puroresu.

Speaking of which, updated my puroresu DVD store with the new shows I received last week. Also posted my review of the new Static-X CD and some puroresu news and results. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hey, Bruddah!

Yesterday my brother that has been staying in Singapore for the past seven years or so finally made a return to the mother land as he's now back staying with us on vacation. What that means is now I got to divide my team and share the use of my home PC and PS2. Time will tell how things hold up here until he goes back.

I've posted my thoughts on how this year's G-1 CLIMAX looks to go. Some controversy with this year's tournament as New Japan booted Josh Barnett from the tournament to replace him with Toshiaki Kawada, and when a spot was opened up due to one of the participants being injured, instead of calling up the former UFC champion, they instead book and old-timer into the spot. Just when you think NJPW can't make any more mind boggling decisions....

Watching SNL this week where Colin Ferrel was the guest host, he spoofed Bono of U2 on one of my favorite segments, Show Biz Grande Explosion!!!. The thing is, seeing him as Bono reminded me of when U2 were the special guest performers last week, and they totally OWNED the stage when they performed. Even the SNL cast marked out for them and some of the ladies in the cast were actually crying from being hugged by Bono. I guess you can say what you want about U2 in this day and age, but there's no denying they still know how to put on a good rock show.