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Sunday, October 31, 2004

End of a hectic week

Well, my home PC is FINALLY fixed and at 100% operational. At least I haven't found any problems. Appearantly the problem was with the power source, so they ripped it out and put in a new one.

So, after I collected my PC on Friday evening, I picked up Trish and we went to watch Resident Evil: Apocalypse. I had high hopes for this after the rather dissapointing first movie. It really worked this time cause they stuck with the plot of the game.

And I don't think there has EVER been a direct game to movie character translation that looked THIS good!
I think the only complaint I do have with the movie was the rather lame ending. I know they had to make it be connectable to the next movie (and this movie grossed enough at the box office to warrant one), But they could have done better than that. Now, if they could only fit in more actual characters from the game...

Since we had already watched a movie on Friday, me and Trish had NOTHING to do last night. Seriously. Shark Tale just started at the cineplex, but it was only showing at 10:45PM, so we thought it ws better to just go next weekend when the crowds die down so it'll be easier to get good seats for the show.
So last night we just came back to my place to watch TV. We caught Barb Wire on Star Movies, and was OK since I had already watched it before (uncensored too :))

This morning I got up early cause I had to rush to finish a VCD order to be sent out. And wouldn't you know after all the delays to get my PC fixed and it's finally done, I finish burning the discs and then find out my printer is out of ink so the covers didn't come out well! Geez. Luckilly the guy I made the VCDs for was a good sport about it.

So now I've spent the rest of the afternoon to this very minute watching the Must Scream TV Halloween Special on STAR WORLD. I missed the first 3 hours, but so far all the Simpsons' Specials are hilarious! And I can't wait for the real life ghost stories later.

So, Happy Halloween you Halloweenies and I'll catch ya later.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Return of Whitey

I might be a little slow on this, but I just caught Eminem's new video, "Just Lose It" last night on the satellite TV. It was another one of his funny videos where he mocks and pokes fun at everyone he hates.
And for those of you who didn't know, the man is one hell of a hypocrite. Sure, I'll laugh when I watch is videos, and he enjoys the hell out of speaking his mind and blasting back at people who critisize him for acting black (which he is), but as soon as someone wants to make a little fun out of Mr. Slim Shady, He'll be the first in line to call the lawyers on you!
Don't think so? Remember when he mocked Moby in his video "Without Me"? Some time later at the MTV Video Music Awards, Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog from the Conan O'Brien show was a special reporter at the show, making fun of everyone, which everyone played along with. Even when he asked Moby about what Eminem said about him, Moby just laughed it off. But as soon as Triumph made his way to Eminem, Mr. Whiteboy sets the bodyguards on him to avoid any kind of embarassment.
More proof? He allowed Weird Al Yankovic to cover one of his songs, but barred him from making a mocking video. This from a guy who likes to mock others in his videos, whether it's funny or not.
And who could forget (if you knew about it anyways) his long rivalry with the Insane Clown Posse? The Juggalo duo wanted nothing to do with the guy, yet he still has to bash them, which of course led to a war of rhymes between the factions.

I'll just end this rant by saying to Eminem that all of us will continue to laugh at his videos of mockery, but he better be ready to take some as well as he can dish it out.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My PC is toast....AGAIN!

Monday morning I made the long solo drive to Bintulu for my NIOSH SHO exam, which would be on Tuesday. It was a long drive, but Joey Ramone's rendition of "What A Wonderful World" got me through. God bless the Ramones! I think I heard that song like fifty times since it's barely three minutes long!

I reached the hotel at about 2PM, and immeditely crashed into bed since I was really tired. Just lay on the bed the whole afternoon watching Discovery Channl till I dozed off. One thing about the room though, I kindly asked the reception to put me in a room near to the elavator since the last time I was there they put me right at the end of the hall. She said it was in the middle of the block this time, so I thought OK. But when I get to the room, it's located next door to the room I was staying in before! What's the friggin' difference??? I just didn't complain since I was too tired and was only staying for a night anyways.

That evening after soaking in the tub, which I always like to do when staying in a hotel, I got a takeaway from a near by KFC, then spent the night doing what revision I could while watching The Shield on AXN as well as some fun stuff on the Discovery Channel.

Tuesday I get up early and head to the NIOSH office on time. Problem is, they announced the exam would commence at 9:00am, but it started at about 9:45am! Needless to say we also finished late. So I had to rush a bit for lunch, then get back to the hotel to check out. And just as I was on my way to pack my bags into the car, I just beat a parking attendant handing out summons to cars parked without coupons! Hah! I avoided the law!

So after a long 4hr drive back from Bintulu, I switch on my PC at home and the damn freeze problem is still there! So I decide to reformat it again, and what happens? The whole thing just croaks on me! I can't even start it up now! Geez.

So I spent the night playing away at Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant on PS2 and found the game gets easier if you remember to upgrade your characters weapons and armour as you progress through the game. Yeah, I'm not big on RPGs, so small details like that escape me.

As for the blog, I've got a new PS2 game review up for Mortal Kombat: Deception, and posted the results for several big puroresu shows that happened over the weekend.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Road Trip!

Friday evening it took me SIX friggin' hours to get my PC running again, after numerous restarts to reformat the system till I finally got through and finished the reformating. Then, I ran Windows Update yesterday and the damn freeze problem started again with a vengeance! Even working in safe mode wasn't safe. So now my theory is that something in the Windows Update file is causing my PC's brain freeze. And after taking three hours this time to reformat my PC, I'm NOT gonna run Windows Update and see what happens.

So now, I got a road trip coming up in the morning (it's 1AM as I type this), as I'll be making a 3+ hour drive to Bintulu to resit for my NIOSH exam. When I get back in two days, it'll be back to work and I'll see if my hunch on whats wrong with my PC is correct.

These past few days have been a bit of a blur. Didn't get to go out with Trish on Saturday night cause she was working, but I did pick her up to send her home. To kill time, I hit the arcades. But I really hate how they replaced the KOF2002 game with hacked versions where you get unlimited supers. Why am I complaining about unlimited supers? Cause the guys I had a hard time beating before have been given a steroid boost! Seriously, thanks to the unlimited supers, they get to pulloff unlimited combos which is totally not fair.

Tonight I went with Trish to watch the Disney flick Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. This was a fun comedy, or chick flick since there were alot of young females who came to watch it also.
Right now, I'm highly anticipating the Jimmy Fallon/Queen Latifah movie, Taxi. Saw the trailer at the cineplex and it looked awesome!

Speaking of Jimmy Fallon, caught him and the rest of the crew on Saturday Night Live again last night. It was the season finale episode hosted by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The opening segment where they did a mock-prom for the twins since thery were missing their actual prom to host the show was great. And Horatio Sans was hilarious again as usual during the Weekend Update segment, where he more or less botched a line causing Jimmy Fallon to lose his mark! Tina Fey (who I think is a total babe), again did her Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, and she does one of the best Arnold impressions EVER if you've never seen it!
But the show stealer this week was definately the closing number they did where everyone got together and did a Grease montage, and they did one heck of a segment! Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey took centre stage here, though Horatio Sans and Kenan Thompson also had the two most hilarious spots on the segment.
I do wonder about Fallon though, as at the end of the Weekend Update segment he suddenly announced this was his last show, which got a big "Huh?" out of the audience. Dunno if it was a work or a shoot since he and Tina Fey are two of the top people behind the scenes of SNL.

Anywayz again, there were several big puroresu shows in Japan this past weekend, and I'll try to post the results before I depart in the morning. Due to my PC's problems, I'll also have to delay a few of My KOC2 shows. So check back soon.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Demons, Gore and a dead PC

Wanna know what's worst than hitting a dog (or any animal for that matter) and contributing to the roadkill count? Hitting an already mangled animal carcass and having bits of it splatter on your car! That's right, brothers and sisters, I had the unfortunate incident of running over someone else's roadkill last night and it left gore splatter on the hood of my car that I had a heck of a time washing.

And I wonder if it was any coincidence it happened as I was on my way back home from watching the movie Exorcist: The Beginning? That was a pretty freaky movie and Trish was spooked all night. I did like the plot twist at the end, though if your too young to even know that this movie is a prequel to the original series, the you best go pick up and watch the cult classic that is the original Exorcist movie.

My home PC is officially dead! Dunno why, I can't even reformat the damn thing as whatever it is that causes the system to freeze even effects it while reformating! I even went to the PC store and asked the guy there what was wrong, and he said he wasn't sure, but if the symptoms are correct, than My PC isn't the only one suffering from the same problem. And if it's a hardware problem, I'll have to get a completely new motherboard or something to completely eliminate the problem.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

My House Stinks!

Literally! The other day my mom made some kinda soup for my dad, and it stank to high Heaven! And if that weren't bad enough, the stench is still lingering around the house TWO DAYS later! It's almost enough to make me wanna puke.

And now my home PC is on the fritz again. I have no idea why, but it hangs constantly. You know that sound the PC makes when it boots up? That happens now when I'm in the middle of using it, causing the system to hang. I don't know if it's a virus, and it even hangs up the system when I try to reformat the PC to try and get rid of it! Would appreciate any help if anyone knows what the problem is, hardware related or otherwise. Seriously, I can't even start up the damn thing without it jamming up while the start up screen is on!

Anyways, I've posted up the results for WWE's Taboo Tuesday (or is that Wednesday for us here?) as well as some thoughts on the show.
And after a way overdue delay, I finally have a new puroresu tape review up for the NJPW Cross Road 8/29/02 show, which is highlighted by an EXCELLENT NJPW VS NOAH Jrs series of matches.

Monday, October 18, 2004

It looked good...

Went to watch the movie Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow with Trish on Saturday night. Visually, this was BEAUTIFUL! I just loved the way they filmed it like an old style movie and definately see this picking up a cinematography award or two. Watching this reminded me of old Superman cartoons from the same era.
However, the gripe I do have is that the story was kinda boring! Seriously, it looks good, but the taste leaves something to be desired. It had it's fun moments, and I loved the giant robot invasion at the beginning, but this definately could have been better. Heck, Angelina Jolie doesn't appear until about an hour into the movie, and she gets all of about 15-minutes of air time!

After sending Trish home, I got home in time to catch Saturday Night Live, hosted this week by Snoop Doggy Dog! This was another fun show and Snoop showed some acting talent as he was also plugging the "Soul Plane" movie he acted in recently.

I've seen alot of weird game-shows on the Japanese channel, but the one that I thought was just plain cruel was the 100,000 Yen baby race challenge! Seriously, parents would run their toddlers through obstacle courses in hopes of making a quick buck, and I think it's cruel to do that to their babies, most of which start crying half-way through cause their confused about the situation their in. And if you know me, this is coming from a guy who's not even fond of small kids! Yeah, I'm not a completely heartless guy.

I also caught the finale of the NWA:TNA World X-Cup. I did notice they cut out the Team Japan VS Team Mexico 2nd Round tag match. The ladder match was definately fun, though I do question why Team Japan would send in youngster Taichi Ishikari (who had a bad leg) to take part in the ladder match. I would have sent Ryuji Hijikata.
The Ultimate-X match at the end was just awesome, and I really love watching Hector Garza in action. Watching him makes me almost want to pick up a few AAA tapes! And yes, I would agree that Petey Williams' Canadian Destroyer is the COOLEST finisher I've seen in a long time!

For the blog, I've posted some puroresu news and posted some results in the KOC blog. And there's a new music video review up. Enjoy!

Friday, October 15, 2004

TGIF? Not today!

Normally I'd be glad for Friday's since I would get the 1st & 3rd Saturdays off according to Govt. law. And of course I go out with Trish on Friday nights. But not today. First of all, Trish couldn't go out tonight cause her sister is visiting from Thailand, so her family was having a big get together tonight. Sure I don't have a problem with her spending time with her family, but then I receive the news this afternoon that I will have to come in to the office tomorrow cause we have to mobilize a crew to go offshore! Crap. Hopefully I can claim some overtime. And my HAGE boss owes me forty bucks on the side too.

At least I finally managed to get send out a new order for puroresu tapes from Japantapes.com today. I've had to limit what I could order recently due to budget problems, ie It finally got through my head that I can't have every show I want in one go, or face bankruptcy trying. What happened to all you guys that used to order shows from me anyway? Guess everyone is running short on cash.

ANYWAYZ, caught the movie Bet Your Life last night on AXN, which featured the Next Action Star winners Sean and Corrine. I thought it was pretty good since they did more action scenes and less talking, probably to hide any weaknesses they might have on the acting part. But everything they did in training during the Next Action Star series was put to use here. There were even cameo appearances by runners-up Jared and Jeanne! But hands down, Billy Zane stole the show! He was probably one of the most fun movie heels here that I've seen in a long time! If you missed the show yesterday, I recommend checking out the replay when it comes on just to see his performance!

I also found out the current anime series on the Japanese channel is called Scrapped Princess. Really interesting fantasy series about this girl being transported accross the country by these two really cool bodyguards, her brother a warrior, and her sister a sorcerres. The sorcerres is really cool, imagine Tendo Kasumi with magic powers and a no-BS attitude when it comes to protecting her sister! One cool scene has the heel wizard chanting the incantation for an attack spell, and she just blows him away rather then wait for the attack!
I'm still trying to figure out the rest of the story since I'm not really sure why they are transporting the princess, other than she has some purpose in either destroying or rebuilding the planet. Geez, If only I could read chinese subs better.

Also just caught part one of the NWA:TNA World X-Cup on Star World just now. The opening round of the tournament featuring the 16-man Gauntlet was just AWESOME. I was really looking forward to seeing Ryuji Hijikata, Taichi Ishikari & Mitsu Hirai Jr. from All Japan Pro Wrestling represent Team Japan here with NOSAWA, and thankfully they didn't dissapoint. Then again, the only members that were given descent match time were NOSAWA & Hijikata, since Ishikari was the first eliminated and Hirai Jr. came in during the commercial break and didn't do much before being eliminated.
I really like Hijikata. I wish they had pushed him instead of Miyamoto with the lame Great Muta-wannabe gimmick later down the line. Hijikata could definately catch on as the next Tajiri in the US if given the chance.

Onto the blog. I've posted some puroresu news, and for those who are interested, I've also posted the results of a NOAH show in the KOC2 blog and some news in the video games blog. Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Beast for dinner

Caught a fun episode of DOTCHI! last night on the Japanese satellite TV channel. For those of you who don't know it, DOTCHI! is a fun Japanese cooking show where everyday they have special celebrities judge two dishes that are being prepared. The majority of judges who vote on the same dish as the winner then gets to sit down and eat the dish while the losers just watch!
Yesterday's special guests were none other than fighters from K-1 Japan! Namely, Bob Sapp, Ernesto Hoost, Rey Sefo, Musashi, the K-1 referee (who brought his yellow & red cards with him!) and another Japanese fighter whom I'm not familiar with, but they kept refferring to him as Ken. There was also another regular celebrity guest, I think he's an actor.
The two dishes that were being contested was Tappenyaki abalone & beef steak VS smoked seafood. Sapp & Hoost were great all night when given the chance to chime in with their opinions, as was Musashi. Sapp's mouth was watering when they fried a 1Kg Tappenyaki beef steak, and got a big reaction from the live audience when he said he'd have no trouble eating a 2Kg steak!
I watch this show on a regular basis when I can, and what they usually do to get the judges to decide which to vote for is they show the WHOLE cooking process, from where the ingredients come from to how it's cooked. Even I had a huge craving for Jap food after watching the firt few episodes of this fun show.
In the end the vote was SIX TO ONE and Tappenyaki steak was the winner! The poor loser that had to sit out the feast was Ken! The show even ended on a real funny note when Hoost, who was sitting on Sapp's left, tapped his right shoulder, Sapp turned to his right and while he was distracted, Hoost swiped a piece of his steak! Great show! I wonder if they ever will have a puroresu special. I know World Japan/ex-NJPW referee Tiger Hattori was on the show once. It's always fun seeing them out of character like this.

The big shill
Here's a rather interesting blog I found by Stevie2K4. It's a puroresu related blog and the guy has an interesting perspective on things. I recommend checking it out.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Boring first half of the week

The past few days have REALLY been boring here at work. Just sitting at my desk all day waiting for instructions from my HAGE boss. It's getting redundant. Heck, I can come in late and I'd STILL be first to reach the office!

Top it off, yesterday the puroresu satellite TV channel finally got scrambled off again after one week of fun viewing. At least I managed to watch some great matches in that one week time frame. Kobashi's GHC title defence against Bison Smith, New Japan's 5/2/02 Tokyo Dome Show, A six woman AJW Cage Death Match with some insane bumps, Fun moments from the first few months of NOAH, including Sterness goofing around at a holiday resort and Misawa losing miserably to a bunch of kids at Rock, Paper, Scissors! And a ton of All Japan Classics. Heck, the last match I watched was a young Takeshi Morishima VS Giant Kamala, and that was tons more fun than anything I saw on RAW last week.

The Japanese channel is still working though. Caught the series finale of Chrno Crusade. I wished I could have seen the entire series so that I would understand the ending better. Currently showing another fantasy based anime series.

On to business. Lots of wrestling stuff posted including Spoiling The Illusion and some news. Also finally got a new game review up. Check 'em out and catch ya later.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Heaven gets another hero

Was a bit of a shocker when I found out yesterday that the original Superman, Christopher Reeves had passed away from heart failure after a nine-year battle with paralysis suffered when he fell from his horse in an equestrian contest in 1995. Make no bones about it, Reeves was immortalized when he played the Man of Steel. Heck, one of his last acting roles was a special guest appearance on Smallville!
Rest in Peace, Christopher Reeves.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Bourne to be wild

Went to watch the highly anticipated movie, The Bourne Supremacy, with Trish last night. Definately a good follow up to the original, though had more cloak and dagger stuff as compared to the original. Still, really enjoyable with some great chase and action sequences.

After sending Trish home, I got back just in time to catch Saturday Night Live hosted this week by my pick for celebrity babe of the year, Lindsay Lohan! They did a fun Harry Potter spoof where Lindsay played Harmione (dunno if that's the correct spelling of the name), and she got to put her "assets" to good comedic effect! They also did a segment called Debbie Downer, where they actually botched their lines, and almost lost it cause they all wanted to laugh! Great show, and I'll be catching the replay later tonight!

Speaking of tonight, I also just watched the premiere of Carnivale on HBO. Really interesting series about travelling freak show that gets involved in the battle between good and evil when they pick up a runaway convict who has the ability to heal and bring back the dead! Meanwhile, elsewhere on the planet a preacher comes in contact with all range of bizarre occurances. Can't wait for the next episode!

Right now, I've posted the results of NJPW's big Sumo Hall results from yesterday. It was said to be an interesting show, but took too much of a sports entertainment route toward the end. Also have an update up in the KOC page. Enjoy and catch y'all later.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

They got balls!

Went with Trish last night to watch the Vince Vaughn/Ben Stiller movie, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. This was laugh-a-minute hysterical! Especially the scene where they were doing their training. Make sense that if you can dodge a wrench being thrown at you, you can dodge a ball! I highly recommend checking out this movie if you haven't already!

When I got back, I was in a bit of a pickle like Thursday, as when Survivor was about to start, The Z-Channel was showing the Mitsuharu Misawa VS Masahiro Chono Tokyo Dome match from 2002 in it's entirety! Pondering awhile, I decided to stick to the match and switch to Survivor during the ad breaks.
One thing was definately clear from the start, Misawa was in WAY better condition than Chono. The match itself may have been historic also, but it was by no means a mat classic either as they plodded along. I could tell it was because Chono was running out of gas quickly. Then again, in a match of this magnitude, there had to be a few egos involved.
Something Chono did really puzzled the whole Tokyo Dome, myself included when Chono ordered Tenzan & Team 2000 (remnants of NWO Japan for those of you who didn't know) to loosen the top rope! Have no idea why Chono would do that, but it gave me a bad flashback to the Toryumon 2/22/2004 main event. They eventually got the ropes fixed though, thank Gosh.
I already knew the match would be a 30-min draw, but I still marked out for some of the near falls. Heck, Scott Norton had a look on his face like a kid in a candy store watching these two legends go at it. Norton was probably the luckiest gaijin in the world at that point to be the only gaijin with a golden ringside seat like that! This was probably also the only time I can EVER remember seeing Chono pull off a hurricanrana!
After the match was over, Hiroyoshi Tenzan called out Misawa, wanting to be next to face him. Team NOAH got in his face, particularly Takashi Sugiura & Takeshi Rikioh. Both groups seperated without incident. I would love to see a Tenzan VS Rikioh match right about now.

I've also posted my PPV predictions for next week's WWE Taboo Tuesday PPV. The interactive show where the YOU, the FAN, decides how EVERYTHING will go. Based on the choices WWE gives of course.
Also posted an update in the KOC2 blog.

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Friday, October 08, 2004

Two Finales and a Revolution

Big night of TV yesterday as I caught the Next Action Star finals followed by the series finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

First off, I was relieved that Sean and Corinne were the winners of Next Action Star. Sean definately has the look of a action star, whereas Jared on the other hand looked more like a HAGE star. Given Jared's attitude, he'd be a real pain in the ass for anyone to work with in the movie business.
Corinne was the best female pick cause not only does she look good, but she broke alot of barriers and deserved her spot. She also has no problems roughing it up when nescessary due to her kickboxing training. Jeanne doesn't suite the action star role. Sure she looks good, but not the sort of person I'd like to see in a gun fight.

Next up was the series finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and like Angel, they sort of left it with an unanswered ending of where do they go from there. I actually marked out when Angel made his cameo! I also like the storyline twist of Anya and Spike being sacrificed at the end of the show, well, Spike anyway. Anya was just hacked from behind.
Last week was the end of Angel, this was the end of Buffy. Hands down, these were two of the best TV series I'd ever seen. Angel my fav of the two.

I was in a bit of a delema when Buffy was on, because on the satellite TV they were showing the awesome NOAH "Special Selection 2000" show at the same time, which recapped the first few months of Pro Wrestling NOAH. This was just an incredible history lesson and it was just amazing the way they booked their first shows to bring up guys like Kanemaru, Rikioh and Kikuchi to the main event level. And the ever brewing war between Kobashi and Akiyama from when Akiyama choked out both Misawa & Kobashi in successive nights with his front neck lock (now known as the King Crab Hold) to the point they had to be medically resusitated, to Kobashi's monsterous return where he single handedly destroyed both Akiyama & Kanemaru! I found a tape of this glorious show at Highspots.com, and will be getting it next month. The matches may be clipped down, but like I said before, this is a seriously fun history lesson, and I highly recommend anyone who is just getting into NOAH or puroresu to check it out!

I also came accross a very fun Japanese anime on the Japanese satellite channel, Chrono Crusade (or Chrno Crusade in the title). Fun series about the usual Heaven VS Hell battling over earth, with this demon kid Chrono and warrior nun Rosette as the main characters. This is really fun with a good blend of action, comedy and suspense, plus the fact there are alot of nicely drawn females doesn't hurt too :P

And don't forget to catch Bowling for Columbine tonight at 10PM on AXN. Sure it'll clash with Survivor on NTV7, but hey, the choice is yours!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Bowling Tomorrow

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that has ASTRO that AXN will be airing the Michael Moore documentary "Bowling For Columbine". You'll be surprised to learn that there actually is some bowling involved in there, so it's not just a tacky name. Don't forget, tomorrow night at 10pm Malaysian time.

I've also posted a short article in the puroresu blog about a recent incident backstage at WWE RAW between Vince McMahon and Ric Flair. I'm sure once you read it, you'll agree with me the reasons behind the incident were pretty dumb.

Also posted some interesting info in the video games blog, a music video review and some October shows added to the KOC2 blog.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Maybe now he'll get some respect?

Found out this morning that comedian Rodney Dangerfield passed away yesterday at the age of 82. If you don't know who he is, he played the part of Nicky's grandfather in the Adam Sandler movie Little Nicky, as well as the classic golf comedy Caddyshack in 1980. He usually also shows up in special guest spots on TV shows and such. He was probably one of the original sarcastic comedians, who's catch phrase was "I don't get no respect". Well, you definately got my respect. Rest in Peace, Rodney.
(For some of his fun jokes, visit www.rodney.com)

On to business, the latest Spoiling the Illusion column for last nights WWE RAW is up. I actually missed the beginning of the show cause I was watching Kenta Kobashi VS Bison Smith for the GHC Heavyweight Title on Z-Channel. According to internet reports, I didn't miss much on RAW anyway.
Also got updates in the KOC page. Check 'em out.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Actually missed one...

I didn't realize it till it was too late, but I totally missed the WWE No Mercy PPV yesterday! That's probably the first time I was completely unaware of a WWE PPV going on. And funny enough, I don't feel all that bad for missing it, though according to the reports the show was much better than expected. And since I wasn't aware of the PPV, I'll just add it to my prediction record as 0-0-8, bringing the total to 47-26-14.
I've posted the results up anyway along with some miscellanious wrestling news, so feel free to check 'em out.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Some Updates

After a long delay, I finally added two new Puroresu shows to the VCD site, and if you haven't checked yet, I've updated several KOC2 results over the past few days along with a schedule of upcoming shows. Check 'em out.

I'm having a really boring day at the office today, since my boss is on sick leave leaving me absolutely nothing to do but answer the phone when it rings. Maybe I can try to get off early or something later.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Enjoy it while it lasts

The puroresu Z-Channel and the Jap satellite TV channel are back on again, and I hope it'll be on for a while before getting scrambled again.

Yesterday was a bit of a boring weekend day. Spent the day playing the PS2 game Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne game, which is pretty good. Expect a review soon, along with Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant which I gave a spin to today and also find it rather interesting.

Last night wasn't much more interesting either. Me and Trish already saw a movie on Friday night, so rather then bust sixteen bucks on another movie, we just went home and watched some free movies on ASTRO, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Ice Age on Star Movies. We already saw these movies before, but was still fun to watch again.

After I sent Trish home, I watched the midnight airing of Satuday Night Live on CNBC, and they had one of the most funniest skits I'd ever seen! The scene being set in an Italian vineyard and the "cork soaking" (get it?) process being explained to a group of tourist. You can probably guess they had all kinds of "cork soaking" jokes and it really cracked me up! it was just hilarious they way they got away with it, and guest star Janet Jackson botched her lines cause she was trying not to laugh herself! Or maybe she was a little embarassed at the lines she was given?

Right now, I'm watching Phone Booth on Star Movies, which is really interesting, given my interests in snipers and spree killers.

I've also posted a new puroresu tape review. It's of a NOAH show I've had laying around for a while now, and have only managed to get around to watching it today.

That's all for now. Enjoy.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Cops and Robbers

How many computer technicians does it take to fix an office PC networking system? The answer to that question appearantly is four nerds and one nerd chick. Seriously. On Thursday the head tech guy of my office had trouble with his PC, so he called in two outside technicians, one geek and one nerd chick (not all that bad looking I might add), and the two of them screwed it up worse and the whole office network was effected! They called in the cavelry, two more geeks, and they weren't much help either till they called in the original guy who installed the system for the office. This brings to mind the phrase, "Don't be a smart-ass if your not sure what your doing."

Also caught the series finale of Angel that day. Thought it was pretty simple with them taking over Wolfram & Hart, and Angel sealing the deal by wiping out everyone's memory of Connor and at the same time give Connor the life he always wanted. Next week, the two hour series finale of Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

Last night me and Trish went to watch the new Jackie Chan movie, New Police Story. I thought it was pretty good once it got rolling! The bad guys in this movie easilly win the best villian of the year award! We're talking Aagan Iisou, NWO at their peak levels of merciless evil here! It also has probably one of the best hand to hand fight scenes near the end that didn't involve special effects! Jackie himself was actually pretty serious throughout this movie, till the part near the end where they had one of the funniest scenes I've seen all year when Jackie tried to escape the police office! The John Cena catch phrase, "You Can't See Me!" comes to mind! I seriously recommend checking out this movie!