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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lights, Camera, Stand Still!

Sunday was the big day me and Ling went for our wedding photo shoot at Mona Lisa Studio. We spent the whole day there, but it really shouldn't have taken that long since for some reason the photographer kept disappearing between shoots and we had to wait an extra few minutes for him to come back after every costume and make up change. It also didn't help that the guy gave vague descriptions of how he wanted us to pose. He'd say turn, but not incline which direction, and some of the poses just didn't feel natural. Wouldn't hurt for them to ask us for ideas on how we would want to pose for our shots too now wouldn't it?
Oh well, that's one less wedding hassle to worry about.

The days leading up to it me and Ling went around getting last minute things needed for the shoot, like a pair of black slacks and formal shoes for me and a button shirt and fake nails for her. So we really didn't get much rest or together time other than the full day at the studio.

Tomorrow is a public holiday, so it's time to laze away again!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Birthday Pizza and Pink Eye

Yesterday me and Ling went to Pizza Hut to celebrate Ling's birthday. Her birthday was actually on Monday, but we couldn't celebrate it then because she was working till night. We aslo took the opportunity to check out the new improvements Pizza Hut made thanks to some renovations these past weeks. It's good that they finally made the place bigger, though you wonder why they don't just move to a bigger lot where they could sit even more people cause even on a Tuesday evening the place was full. Luckilly we went early.
After dinner, we did a lot of window shopping and walking around Bintang Plaza. I got my eye on getting a dust buster some time in the near future cause I've always wanted one it would come in handy for my gaming room.

Today I was sent home from work cause I had pink eye and everyone was afraid of getting infected. I didn't think it was that bad since it was only in one eye, but when I got home the other eye got infected also. My eyes aren't as red now as I type this, but they still feel puffy. Hopefully it will be all better by Sunday since me and Ling are scheduled for our wedding photoshoot at the Mona Lisa studio.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I saw SAW II

Sunday night I watched the sequel to SAW, SAW II, and it was every bit as intruiging, twisted and disturbing as the original. I really liked the mind games Jigsaw plays with his victims to see just how much they are willing to sacrifice just to live. The ending of the movie caught me off guard as well, and it will really be interesting to see how they follow up with SAW III. The sooner they show it on Star Movies or HBO, the better!
And whether playing a ditzy assistant on Becker, or drug addict in SAW, Shawnee Smith is hot!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Reaping What You Sow

So I watched The Reaping with Ling last night at the cineplex, and I rather enjoyed it, especially the use of all the biblical references and the plagues that ravaged the small town of Haven. I might not be the most holy church goer, but it's always interesting to see the direction movie makers can take with things taken from the bible and such. Is it any wonder why my favorite movie of all time is Se7en?
Surprisingly, this was the second movie in about a month I've watched that featured child actress AnnaSohpia Robb in a major role, the other movie being Bridge to Terabithia a few weeks back. If she doesn't screw herself up as she gets older like many other child celebrities these days tend to do, she definitely has a bright future ahead of her. I'd take her over the annoying Dakota Fanning any day.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So-So Friday

Friday was Good Friday, so I got the day off work and so did Ling. We didn't go out or anything though and just relaxed at home. We had gone to watch the kids movie Charlotte's Web on Wednesday, and as fun as the movie was, no matter how nice a sounding voice you try to put on a spider, it's still a spider and I'm still arachnophobic to the damn things.

Saturday night me and lIng went out for dinner before heading back to my place to watch a few episodes of Heroes on DVD. Not a lot really going on that day, and the same went for Sunday too.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mania of WrestleMania

So I took the day off yesterday to watch WWE WrestleMania 23 live on PPV, and overall I thought it was a very solid show with a lot of great wrestling action, the only dud match being the Women's Title match. Everything else was all good and enjoyable.

Watched the movie "Bridge to Terabithia" last week with Ling. Interesting kiddie movie about a couple of kids with an overactive imagination. Sort of reminds me of when I was a kid, though I was surprised at the major swerve the movie threw at us near the end.

Friday was supposed to be a public holiday carried over from Saturday, but the dork that runs the company I work for decreed that we all work, so I took a day off cause I had things already planned. It's no weight on my shoulders.
Saturday itself I picked up Ling from work and we went to fetch my mom from the airport. We then went furniture hunting again and bought some more stuff for the room before heading home where Ling helped clean things up a bit and we had a good evening together, watching "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" on HBO.
Sunday I sort of wasted my afternoon going shopping with Ling for some stuff my mom wanted. I hate crowded areas like hypermart so I sooner I could get out the better.