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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Beach Break!

Well, not really. I brought Trish to Pathlab for her annual blood test this morning, and after that we had lunch at Akira at Imperial Mall. And after that we went to Tanjong Beach near her place to check out the jeti they built there. There were some people fishing there too, and we were lucky enough so see someone catch a big ass stingray! Lucky bugger!IF it were me who caught it, I'd immediately rush it to my friend's aquarium so we could keep it alive, and probably sell it for a big profit too as I can't remember any aquirium selling a stingray any bigger than a teacup plate. This one was as big as a car tyre!

As for the rest of the week, Wednesday watched another very good episode of CSI. Miami still can't compare to the originals! Still on the subject of TV, I'm rather dissapointed none of the local stations are airing Survivor 10. I guess it's because the total lack of interest in the last season, which stands as one of the worst ever. But I thought it was really crappy of NTV7, or TV8 even who have a knack for showing new shows, to just give up on it.

Friday night me and Trish (and her twin sister Sharon) went to watch Racing Stripes at the Star Cineplex. A fun movie about a zebra who becomes a race horse. Alot of funny stuff in this one, including tons of celebrity voices that were done well and matched their characters. Predictable ending, but a feel good movie worth watching none the less.

I notice Saturday nights are getting really boring nowadays for me and Trish. Last night we went to XO for Chicken Cordon Blue, and bad service resulted in us waiting almost half an hour for our food! It was totally unfair how people who came after us were getting their food before us. Don't think we'll be going there to eat anymore.
So after a less than satisfying dinner, we came back to my place and watched TV as usual. We saw World's Worst Drivers Caught on Tape 3, followed by Dog The Bounty Hunter and Cops. And we capped off the evening watching this bizzare chinese program on the satelite TV with this sorry excuse of a host cracking cheap ass jokes that were anything but funny. The only reason we watched was cause they were showing a lot of interesting clips and pictures of things that were strange and bizzare.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Weekend ramble

Friday night me and Trish went to watch the new Hong Kong movie "Seoul Raiders". This was kind of a rip-off of Charlie's Angels, only Charlie took centre stage in this one! It stars Tony Leung as Lam, a bounty hunter who gets tricked and loses some money printing plates, and he goes all the way to Korea to retrive them before they can be sold to the Korean Mafia. And in Korea, he has 3 bodacious babes working for him there, ala the Angels! Actually, there are four of them, but one of them has a very minor role.
Lam also gets help from a thief played by Hsu Chi, who I just found to be totally annoying here. I also wished they would have shown more of the Korean threesome as they barely lifted a finger throughout the entire movie save for one chase scene, and one of them getting into a fight at the beginning of the movie.
Anyways, along with the eye-candy, this movie featured some great fight scenes, and the standard fare of Hong Kong comedy bits thrown in that were just hilarious! Tony Leung's character was just so damn cool in this movie too!
I highly recommend checking out this movie, as it's a fun ride from beginning to end.

On Saturday my parents upgraded our satellite TV system. What that means is that instead of 200 channels of nothing to watch, there are now 360 channels of nothing to watch! According to the technician, the new channels with the good shows will be coming next month. Hopefully the puroresu channel will be back with it and the rest of the channels have at least something entertaining for me to watch.

History Made!

Last night was a historic day in Puroresu as for the first time in history, New Japan Pro Wrestling's IWGP Heavyweight Title was put on the line against All Japan Pro Wrestling's Triple Crown in the first ever double title match! This is about as big as when WWE decided to crown the first undisputed champion by unifying the WWE & WCW world titles, only in this case neither company owns the other so the outcome was more unpredictable! And when all was said and done, after FIFTY-NINE MINUTES AND FORTY-NINE SECONDS, Satoshi Kojima of All Japan Pro Wrestling won what was said to be an incredible war of atrician over his former tag partner and reigning New Japan Pro Wrestling IWGP champion, Hiroyoshi Tenzan to become the first ever 4-Crown champion! After three long years in AJPW, Kojima has finally arisen to the top of the wrestling world, especially since he also toppled Toshiaki Kawada for the Triple Crown just FOUR DAYS prior!
Unfortunately, this leaves alot of doubt for Tenzan fans as the man just can't seem to get a break when it comes to world title matches. Hopefully he takes time out to rest his injured back and only return later down the line to again take his rightful place at the top of NJPW.
Congratulations to Kojima! And may his reign be a long one!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Return of the originals

Caught the return of Grissom and Co. on CSI last night and it was a great way to start the new season to say the least. I actually thought the DNA guy would be leaving when they introduced his would be replacement, who couldn't handle the job in the end. Also a funny bit at the end with Warick losing a bet on it XD
Can't wait for the rest of the season to unfold. But what happened to CSI: New York that was supposed to be starting soon?
Also caught an very good episode of Third Watch where that prick Bosco finally got his ass handed to him by the police chief and he admitted to having problems at the end of it. I never liked the guy since day one because of the tough guy attitude he always fronts, and it's good to see all the mistakes he made in the past come back to haunt him like it is now.

Look around the blog cause I've actually posted alot of stuff in almost every section over the past few days. Puroresu news, tape reviews, game reviews and music video reviews. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine Sunshine

Despite going back to work yesterday after a long holiday, I (like many others I'm sure) was still in the holiday mood. But it was business as usual in the office.

It was also St. Valentines Day. So, me and Trish hit the town like we always do. We went to the Hot Spot for dinner, and was lucky there were still tables available as I didn't make any reservations. We both had the Mix Grill, which was very good and very filling! I'm really gonna have to go back there and try the Chicken Cordon Blue one day. It's chicken fillet stuffed with ham and cheese!
Anyways, after dinner, we went to Desserts which was near by and well, had dessert. She had the fruity special and I had the Strawberry sundae. We sat there and chatted, and I noticed that Desserts was a nice place to hang out at and relax. The location needs some work though, but there business would surely pick up if they moved somewhere that's easier for the public to notice.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Recapping the past few days

The second day of Chinese New Year was really uneventful as the only place I visited was my boss's house, but everyone was asleep when I got there! And it was 12PM too! Seeing how there wasn't anywhere else we had to go that day, me and Trish just went to McD's for lunch and ended the day there.

Friday afternoon I spent the whole day out with Trish visiting friends, both her's and mine. First it was a stop at Trish's place for lunch as well as to pick her up. After that we went to a house of a friend of her's for a bit, then we went the house of an ex-collegemate before making a last stop at my friends house. Not a bad day overall.
That evening, I was just about to go to bed after watching X2: X-Men Unlimited on Star Movies, when this rather interesting movie called May started up. It caught my interest cause this was one of those movies where the character starts off as a lonely introverted person who ends up becoming a psycho seial killer in the end.
The story is about May, a girl born with some vision problems and was teased as a kid about it. Her mom gives her a doll on her birthday, which ends up becoming her best friend that she talks too. When she grows up, she works as a vet's assistant, and make her own clothes on the side. Her life is quiet and simple till she meets the man of her dreams. Actually, she's just eyeing his hands. She starts looking at people as body parts and such, and when her relationship with the guy goes sour, she turns psycho and starts killing people for body parts to create a friend!
I highly recommend checking out this movie if you can catch it or find the DVD of it. It should also be noted that Angela Bettis who plays the part of May her was also casted as Carrie in recent TV remake of the horror classic. Her look alone matches both characters I should add!

Last night me and Trish went to check out the much hyped Keanu Reeves movie, Constantine, based on the Vertigo comic. After watching it, I could best describe it as The Exorcist, with guns I guess. Not to be bitter or anything, but I actually thought up a similar idea like this years ago while I was in school. Guy that sees and hunts demons. Overall, I thought it was pretty good, and chances for a sequel are likely based on how it ended here.

It's a bit late for it now, but I want to give a shout out to my buddy, and New Japan/Hiroshi Tanahashi fanatic, TenzanTeam2K, who yesterday departed Malaysia to further his studies in Australia. Drop me a line and keep in touch, dude!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Y'All!

Finally decided to get off my lazy ass and update my blog. I've got five days of downtime and am using it to the fullest.

On Monday night I met up with an old friend of mine which I hadn't seen in a couple of years. We spent most of the evening at Pizza Hut talking about the different paths our lives have taken and how things are going for us now.

On Tuesday, we were only working half-day at the office, or is that not working at all since we just sat around waiting for the bosses to come in and light some good luck fireworks? After the fireworks, we were dismissed, so had the rest of the day off. I picked up Trish and we had lunch before sending her home.
To cap of Chinese New Year eve, me and my parents went to my grandma's place for dinner. After dinner, we stayed around for a bit and chatted while watching some TV before heading home and waiting for the big fireworks war at midnight. Yeah, they are banned, but thank God for smugglers XPXPXP

First day of CNY and I wake up to find out that somehow my dad busted the satelite TV receiver! It's not really busted, but the problem is that the gear that moves the parabola dish is the problem. It became unlodged and now the dish can't pick up any reception. I'm guessing my dad busted it by constantly changing channels like he always does before the dish can settle in place. Now I'm stuck watching all the boring shows on ASTRO that catch my dad's attention when he's not constantly changing channels again.
Anyways, I picked up Trish (who was looking mega hot today) and we went to the RIHGA Royal Hotel where I used to work to catch the lion dance performance there, and check out the improvements to the place since it was bought over by the Marriott hotel chain and will soon be the Miri Marriott Resort in a few months once renovations are complete.
After that, we visited my brother's in-laws house. Hoping to get something to eat, but they had next to NOTHING save for some sushi and the usual assortment of snacks and finger foods. So we capped off a pretty uneventful first day by going to Trish's place. Her parents weren't around, so it was just us and her twin sister and brother, who themselves didn't stick around long before going out for visiting. But at least we had something to eat there.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Here Comes the Money...

Two days to Chinese New Year! I'm too old to get any Ang Pows from my relatives, but I'm still hoping to make some kind of profit off the holidays.

Anyways, on Friday, me and Trish went to watch Himalaya Singh at the Cineplex. The movie started out fun enough. But after the intro where we establish who Himalaya Singh is, it just goes downhill from there when the rest of the cast are introduced. The main complaint being the shameless Mr. Bean character rip-off. It was just sad watching this guy everytime he appeared on the screen that I wish I could puke. I thought Hong Kong movie makers were already above cheap immitations like this? The only part of the movie I really enjoyed was the Two Headed Snake. He (or they?) Rule!
Unfortunately, I still have to rate this as the worst movie I've seen so far this year.

Nothing much going on Saturday either. Sent my parents to the airport as they were taking a pre-CNY vacation to KK. Means I get the weekend to myself. So I spent the evening with Trish as usual and really wasn't much on TV to watch that night either since they stopped that ghost investigation show on the Japanese channel.

Sunday spent the day with Trish again, but again not much doing. We went CNY shopping for new clothes and I got myself some new shirts. As usual the problem I have is finding stuff that fits me cause I'm anything BUT free-size. Only American XL size seems to fit. At least my weight isn't going up anymore and I seem to be stuck at junior heavyweight level.
Trish also bought some boots for herself, as well as some clothes as gifts for her parents. Not a bad day as we got all our CNY shopping out of the way.

On to the blog. I posted some recent puroresu show results up and a new review of the Toryumon X 9/9/04 show. I also got a new music video review up. And keep your eyes open on my VCD site as I'll have a big announcement coming soon.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Rumbles and Back Rubs

Yesterday was the 18th annual WWE Royal Rumble PPV. This has always been one of my all time favourite events, especially the Rumble match itself. And this year was no exception as they pulled off another really great Royal Rumble match, capped off by some pretty good undercard matches prior. Read my report in the Puroresu blog.

Yesterday I also brought Trish out for massage therapy to try and cure her since she still hadn't completely recovered. Yes, she reached the desperation stage where she was willing to try anything. But surprisingly it worked, and she's feeling alot better now. The said her body was heaty and they helped release some of it. They recommended she stay away from air conditioning for a while and maybe come back for further treatment later.

On Sunday evening I caught Saturday Night Live, and it was the post 9/11 edition which kicked off with Mayor Rudy Giuliani giving a great encouraging speech, accompanied by the chief of the fire department, police department, as well as several police officers and firefighters.
It was a real nice touch when SNL Executive Producer Lorne Michaels came out at the end of it and Mayor Giuliani asked him and the SNL crew to go on with the show as usual. Lorne asked the Mayor if it was OK to be funny, and Mayor Giuliani replied "Why start now?" which drew a big pop from the crowd before giving the traditional Saturday Night Live welcome.