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Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Eve

Not a good way to go into New Year's Eve as I come down with a TERRIBLE stomach ache this morning! It got so bad I had to take a sick day. I'm NOT kidding and trying to take a day to skip-off New Year's Eve. I'm at home now and I took some charcoal pills (yes, as in the black wood that many use for barbecues) and the pain seems to have died down a bit. Hope it doesn't effect me enough that I can still go out with Trish tonight, and I STILL also have to fetch my parents from the airport!

Anyways, bit of a BAPE STA!! special today, as I've posted the results of the latest BAPE STA!! shows that took place this past 2 days featuring the big 6-man a-k-a Tournament, and I've posted the review up for the May 3rd show, which was really fun!
Also got a way overdue game review up for BloodRayne 2.
Check 'em out and check back for more New Year's fun!

Monday, December 27, 2004


Yesterday I spent the evening with Trish. I actually cooked a simple meal for us consisting of chicken drummets, french fries and onion rings; aka deep fried, fatty, greasy goodness! We then watched the true Japanese ghost story investigation show on the Japanese sat tv channel.

One of the stories actually hit home with me a bit. About this girl and her dog, Muku. Muku was her best friend, and she would always talk to him and even confide in him when she's down or having a bad day. Funny thing is, whenever she would tell Muku about her problems, like having a fight with her friends, things would all the sudden become ok again, like they would suddenly call up to appologize.
And one day when she came home from school, Muku was missing. So she and her friend went around looking for him with no luck. They regrouped at the park and she heard someone call her name. When she approached a group of boys, she found they were standing over Muku, who was really ill. She brought him home, and unfortunately Muku succumbed to his ills.
Funny thing is, the next day at school she thanked the boys for watching over Muku and calling her over. But they insist they didn't call her and didn't even know it was her dog! So to this day, she believes it was Muku that called out to her that day. And even today she says when she's having problems, she just has to talk to Muku and things just seem to be alright again.

I can more or less identify with that since I still miss having Spike around. Like now, usually when my parents go travelling and leave me home alone, I still got Spike to keep me company. Now I truly am all alone at home. And I still have the tendancy to go stand by the door and whistle, hoping he come by like he used to. Yeah, I'm a lame-ass! Even the Extreme has feelings, OK?

Anyways, after watching the show, I had to send Trish home. But the thing is, it was raining really heavilly, and the result was that the road was all flooded! I took one look at it, and backtracked back home. I instead used my mom's Ssang Yong 4WD to send Trish home with since it was taller. There were cars broken down everywhere cause water got into their engines. Guess I made the right decision then.
Thing is, this morning I pop open the newspaper and found out most of the region was hit by several huge tsunamis caused by a huge earthquake in Indonesia which measured a whopping 8.9 on the rector scale! The biggest Earthquake ever in the past 40 years! I feel thankful I talked my parents out of having their XMas vacation in Thailand since it was heavilly hit by the tsunami. So far about 20,000 have been reported either dead or missing. And I thought I had it bad losing Spike at the end of the year.

Got some music video reviews up for you guys to check out. I'm still working on my year end awards, so look out for it soon.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

A Merry Christmas Crash!

First off, Merry Christmas Y'All!

Last night, me and Trish got a takeaway dinner from Boulevard and spent the night at home watching TV specials. Really wasn't much going on, but this was the most quiet time we've had together in a long while. We caught Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers on HBO followed by Mr. Deeds on HBO.

Then, at about 5.30AM this morning I was awoken by and incredibly loud crash! I literally jumped out of my bed at the noise, and thought maybe there were burglars in the house and maybe they dropped the big wide screen TV in the living room? I switched on my room light and grabbed my taser (see Al, there is a good use for it!) and took a look outside my door. Nothing wrong with the living room! I switched on all the lights as I checked every room and couldn't find anything out of place, and all the locks and windows were ok too. Then I noticed the storeroom. I switched on the light, opened the door and......found that the cabinet inside had fallen off it's supports and crashed to the floor! That was the cause of the crash, and it's a big mess in there now. Problem also is after discovering that, I was afraid to sleep in my bed cause there is a HUGE shelf above my bed being held up by the same type of supports and I fear it would fall and crush my head! So I caught a few Zs on the couch in my game room.

Christmas Day today and I only visited two houses today with Trish. First was the house of my HAGE boss. Nice small little place, but very FAR away! He's got alot of pets two. 2 dogs, some cats and a snake-head fish! Place was a bit crowded since there were alot of people there, including the higher ups from my company. They all had a big laugh when I told them about the collapsed cabinet in my storeroom this morning. The food was good too since it was partially catered by the Sea Horse Bistro where his wife works.
After that, I went to visit my brother's place. His place is even smaller than my bosses XP Not as good a food spread, but he wasn't expecting much company anyway.

This evening, me and Trish were planning on catching the highly anticipated new Stephen Chow movie, Kung Fu Hustle at the cineplex, but of course it being the holiday season, the shows were all booked full! So we decided to just try again next week (or year) when hype dies down a bit. We had dinner at Pizza Hut, then went around window shopping before sending her home. And now I gotta get some rest myself since I didn't get much sleep after this morning's crash awakening.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Home Alone, and I ain't complaining!

Today, my parents fly off on vacation leaving me to house sit while they are gone. No big deal since I like having the whole house to myself every once and a while. Christmas is just 2 days away, and I plan to take the opportunity to spend some quality time with Trish.
The only problem is my car is still at the workshop getting its ass (bumper) fixed from the accident last week, and hopefully it'll be ready by Friday like what the guy promised. Till then, I'm using my dad's company car, which isn't bad, but I hate manual cars and there's no CD player for me to blast my tunes!

Anyways, last night there was a small get together at my house. My parent's friends were visiting from Canada and so they invited them over for dinner since my parents were leaving today and wouldn't be around to visit them on Christmas. Not a bad night overall either.

Also received word from Highspots and PuroresuDVDSource that my payments have been received and my orders will be shipped out today. Really good to hear, meaning I should receive them in January 2005! For the record, I now know it takes four weeks to order from Highspots and eight weeks from PuroDVDSource.

I've posted some stuff around the blog. So look around and check 'em out.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Back to business

Cause I can't sulk and mourn forever.
Five days to Christmas and twelve days to new year.

Ok. So ASTRO started airing ANIMAX last week, and off the bat it looks like they screwed up big time cause they shrank the screen down to have one of those stupid scrolling SMS bars on he side of the screen! To make things worse, we are subjected to the bad english dubbing, but if we change to audio to Japanese language, there are no subs for us to understand what is going on. And the channel still isn't 24hrs either. I can only remember seeing ONE anime the whole day yesterday. The rest of it was crappy filler ads, music videos and locals shows from the RIA channel. A friend of mine told me it's only cause it's still in the testing phase, but it's still a pretty crappy way to introduce a new channel.

Did NTV7 change the schedule for Survivor or something? Last week they said they weren't able to air the episode due to technical difficulties. This week there was no warning at all as they just showed a different show. Sure this season's Survivor is pretty crappy, but you just can't cut people's legs out from under them like that.

Friday night me and Trish had nothing to do cause there weren't any good movies being shown at descent times at the cineplex. We instead just had our usual Friday McD dinner, then went around window shopping.
Saturday, we came back to my place and watched a few South Park episodes from the Season 3 DVD box set I bought in KL, then watched episodes 5 & 6 of this true Japanese ghost stories show on the satellite TV. Is it just me, or does every female ghost in Japan (or Korea even) resemble the one in Ju-On (The Grudge) with the long hair covering their face and the one big eye sticking out?
We also caught a hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live during the commercial break where Horatio Sans sorta botched his lines, almost causing Jimmy Fallon and the special guest, Sean Caine (?) to almost lose it and laugh on set. But when Will Farrell came out and did his part, They just LOST IT! What the SNL guys do is funny, but when they goof-up, it can be even MORE hilarious since it's taped live and there are no re-takes!
Sunday, me and Trish went XMas clothes shopping. It's really damn hard to find clothes that fit me. Eventhough I'm cruiserweight size, that's still too big for most local sizes! I also found it dumb that Malaysia's defenition of XXL means it's longer, and not bigger! Dumb. Never trust anything that says "free size" either. It's just a cheap excuse for lazy manufacturers to not have to make clothes in different sizes. I found some cool BAPE wear and an awesome Wanderlei Silva shirt, but couldn't get them cause they didn't fit :-(

Some good news for a change is that I received e-mail confirmations that my most recent puroresu tape orders from GoldenBoyTapes and Wrestleholicsvideos have just been sent out last week, and I should be receiving them sometime this week, or next week before new year. Keep your eyes peeled to the Puroresu blog cause I'll be posting my year end awards soon.

Anyways, I posted the results of my big King of Colloseum SPIKE MEMORIAL SHOW, as well as some puroresu news. Check it out and enjoy.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Nothing doing today. Posted the results for yesterday's WWE Armageddon PPV which I missed. Didn't even know it was yesterday and don't really care since the card sucked to begin with.
I also got a PS2 game review and a music video review up. And I posted the card for a special King of Colosseum show that will take place this saturday. Check 'em out.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Black Monday the 13th

This post powered by "This Love" by Pantera and "Save Me" & "Explode" by Damageplan

I get back from work this evening and immediately go check on my dog Spike's condition. He's not at his usually spot at the back of the house where he usually sleeps. I quick run around the premises and I still can't find him. I then take a look at the rock garden, and there he is. I almost broke down right there seeing him laying there motionless, but seemingly at peace with himself. I sucked it up and went in the house to tell my dad the bad news. We spent the next 20-minutes laying Spike to rest in a spot out in the back garden. After the deed was done, we went back in the house and I took a shower where it was there that I finally broke down.

I had just lost a close long time friend.

I honestly can't remember the year we first got Spike, but I do remember the first thing he did with his sister when his then owner gave him to us as a pup was run and hide under the cars! It took them a while, but they finally trusted us enough to come out and explore the rest of the house, as well as get to know us.

We sort of nicknamed him Crash at one point, after the late WWE star Crash Holly. Why? His sister and another dog we had at the time developed a tick infection. It was so bad that the ticks even infiltrated the house! It reached a point that my parents decided to lock up the dogs on one side of the garden that was fenced off. So how did he almost get the name Crash? Remember how they used to call him the "Houdini of Hardcore"? Well, no matter how many times we toss him over the fence into the quarantine area, the little guy would find a way to CLIMB up the the 3ft+ tall fence and escape! No doubt he had a good brain in that melon of his! We finally gave up on trying to lock him in, since he wasn't infected with the fleas as the others were anyway. He was really lucky too, cause unfortunately his sister and the other dog later died of their infections.

Heck. They say animals have a second sense, and I truly believe Spike had this ability too. It's like he could "see the visions" cause he'd bark and then suddenly stop and look blankly into the sky as if he saw something there. I really do wonder if he saw anything, or was it just the flies which he had a bad habit of chasing and trying to bite out of the sky?

I finally ended up calling him Spike cause I noticed after so many years the little guy never grew much. And sorta reminded me of Spike Dudley. So Spike was the name I stuck to calling him. And he did indeed start responding to it. Even this late in the game. I could have actually even named him after the late Big Dick Dudley, cause even though his body was small.....well, you'd get it if you'd ever seen him in person. I hope he's finally getting some tail up there in doggie heaven since he never liked to venture out of the house area eventhough the gates were wide open.

Something thing else I'm really gonna miss about the little guy was the way he always welcomed me back when I came back from work or going out. He'd start yelping something which you could almost make out as him trying to speak. I'd swear sometimes it even sounded like my name he was trying to say, "Ay-Wick!" he'd go!
I've had alot of pet dogs in my time, but Spike will definately have a permanent place in my heart as one of if not my all time favourite and I know I will miss him dearly. I hope you'll be there to meet me in the great beyond when it's my turn to make the journey. Rest in Peace boy.

Spike Dudley Dawg
1994 - 2004

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Not getting any better is it???

I'm still in a pretty crappy mood now. I had a lot of ups and downs this week, but the downs severely outweigh the ups. Like for example, last night went to watch the movie "The Toolbox Murders" with Trish at the cineplex. Turned out to be boring as heck. It's one of those slasher flicks in the lines of Jeepers Creepers where the the killer's origin is really illogical. The whole thing was really pretty dumb.

But that's not the reason for my foul mood. I found out yesterday that my little doggie Spike is very sick, and could well indeed be on his last legs since he's well past his prime in dog years. I'm still a bit shocked in the sudden change of his condition, one day he's ok, they next he's just weak and powerless. Some of you might say,"Big deal! It's just a dog! You can get a new one!"
Hey, if someone you consider a close friend is dying, you can't just get a new one now can you? I've had many pet dogs in the past, but Spike is really special to me. It also doesn't help either that my parents don't plan on getting another dog because of my mom's dumb renovations to the garden. They don't want to go through the trouble of training a new dog to stay away from the rock garden and all the other crap ornaments there.
I don't want to elaborate more, I'm just gonna be keeping my eye on Spike's condition over the next few days.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

A Fucked Up start to the weekend.

This post powered by Martyr A.D's "American Hollow"

Wow, two big F-word titled topics in a row.
Yesterday while I was on my way home from work, some bitch in a Kembara ass-fucked my car and tore it a new asshole when it totally ripped the back bumper out! Needless to say I was severly pissed about it and still am now. She of course agreed to pay for the repairs since it was ENTIRELY her fault. She claimed she didn't see me as she came out of the junction. I believe that cause seeing her in the driver's seat after the colission, her face can barely be seen over the dashboard! It also pisses me off that my car's bumper got ripped off, but her Kembara has barely a scratch on it since there was a steel grating bumper on the front of it, which was what caused all the damaged to my car and protected her's from any! This is a real fucked up way to start off the weekend after hearing of Dimebag Darrell's death yesterday.

Update on the Dimebag shooting, the four others killed in the shooting spree were a fan, a Damageplan security personal/crew member, a staff member of the venue Damagaplan were playing at, and the shooter himself who was shot dead by a cop that arrived on the scene. I spent most of my freetime yesterday digging up whatever I could all over the net about the incident. Drummer Vinnie Paul (Dimebag's brother) got away unscathed.
And for those interested, MediaBurialVideos is paying tribute to the late guitarist by posting up all three Damageplan videos, as well as three Pantera videos for download on the site. Go check 'em out.

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Those of you who know me know that I wouldn't curse the F-word in public without a really good reason. And THIS is a really big reason! Normally, I would also put this in the metal blog, but this is just too shocking that even I'M having a hard time accepting it.
I just found out that Dimebag Darrell, founding member and guitarist for Damageplan, as well as ex-guitarist for Pantera, and all-round heavy metal GOD, was SHOT DEAD at a concert yesterday in Ohio! He was just 38.
Appearantly, Damageplan were just beginning their set when a fan got up on stage, then shouted something about Pantera's break-up before shooting Dimebag several times at point blank range and then turning the gun on the audience. A total of five people were confirmed killed including the gun-man.
I'm still in shock over hearing the news. Not to sound racist or anything, but I usually expect band shootings to only take place between rappers. Why can't someone shoot Eminem in the ass? This has to rank as one of the biggest shocks to the metal world since Dave Williams of Drowning Pool passed away while on tour on OZZFEST last year, and incidentally, it was Dimebag who got Drowning Pool signed to a record deal as well as giving Williams the nickname of "Stage".
I got into Pantera really late in the game, about the time of their last album "Reinventing The Steel", before they ultimately broke up, mostly with fingers pointed at singer Phil Anselmo. While Anselmo was all over the place in various side projects like Down and Superjoint Ritual, Dimebag Darrel and his brother, drummer Vinnie Paul were forced to sit on the sidelines till they ultimately got fed-up and formed Damageplan in 2003.
And I'll never forget all the hilarious antics Pantera got into while on tour from the Vulgar Video series they released back in the day. Those were what really got me into the band. And it was Dimebag himself who inspired me to grow a goatee a few years back and even try to dye it red like he did.
This is definately a blow to the metal world as so many guitarists looked up to Dimebag as hands down one of THE BEST DAMN GUITAR PLAYERS IN THE WORLD!
Dimebag, I'd toast a beer to you if I drank alcohol. But I'll do the next best thing with a coke. Rest in Peace, Dimebag. You will be missed dearly.

Cue "This Love" by Pantera....

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Road Trippin'

Saturday night after sending Trish home, I was up untill 4AM playing Shadow Hearts2: Covenant. I woke up at about 8-9AM the next morning and continued playing again. I seriously want to finish this game or BloodRayne 2 first before getting started on Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. I am playing healthy doses of Capcom Fighting Evolution in between, so expect a review of that soon. I actually haven't even touched most of the games I've bought in the past few weeks either! I guess that's why it's better to pay full price for originals, as you won't bound yourself down so easilly since you have to be pretty rich to be able to afford every new game that comes out.

I finally figured out why dumbasses put on their headlights at night even though the roads are well lit with street lights. You know what I'm talking about, those dumbasses who drive souped up cars thinking they are characters from Initial D or something who like to showoff their cars ability and speed accross the highway overtaking people at high-speeds and muscling their way into your lane cause they think they are so bad-ass, and they deliberately like to shine their high-headlights when they are either coming at you from the opposite lane, or behind you so that ir reflects off your mirrors into your eyes. And the same reason why they are more likely to get into fender benders while driving their "mean racing machines".
It's because the dumbass drivers tint their windscreens! You know, paste a dark filament paper to block out the sun light? Appearantly there's a reverse effect at night, making it hard to see out of your car since it makes it darker! THAT'S why the dumbasses shine their highlights in our faces. This reason alone makes me support the cops in fining their asses, and support government for wanting to ban tinted windscreens.

Today I'm supposed to go down to Brunei with my HAGE boss to check out the new branch office there. But looking at the time, it's 11AM as I type this, and the chubby balding dude ain't in yet. The big boss in the office next to mine who pays his salary isn't very happy about him coming in late either XP

Anyways, I got the RAW is Jericho edition of Spoiling the Illusion up. Check it out and enjoy.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

An Incredible weekend?

Friday night me and Trish finally caught The Incredibles movie at the cineplex. This was a really great movie and I'm surprised they didn't think of making it live action flick as everything about just made sense on that level. Definately worthy of a DVD purchase when it comes out!
On that note, me and Trish had our dinner at McDonalds like we usually do on Friday. And after reading about it in the papers and since we were going to watch the movie, I bought me the Incredibles Jack-Jack handphone holder. The fun thing about this nifty little gadget is that when you receive an incoming call or SMS, the sensor in the doll picks it up and Jack-Jack will start giggling! Really cute! I recommend getting one of the fun of it since it's just RM9.90.
Next week me and Trish are gonna try to catch the new slasher flick, Tool Box, if we can. It's from the same guy that did the new Exorcist movie and looks to be in league with the Friday The 13th movies. I'm still waiting for SAW to come play though.

Last night me and Trish watched a series of real life ghost stories on the Japanese satellite TV channel. The show re-enacted real life ghost stories sent in by viewers, to which the host and a bunch of investigators made up of school kids (!) then discuss why the hauntings or encounters took place, as well as getting the opinions from a local medium. They also analyzed submitted photographs of supposed ghost pictures. Creepy, but this was a great show, and I can't wait to watch more next week. That is, if the channel isn't scrambled by then.
Speaking of which, I've caught ALOT of great matches on the Z-Channel this past week. From Triple Crown title matches to classic G-1s. Damn I wish my VCR could record off the channel!

Friday, December 03, 2004

$25,000 in 30seconds

Caught the new variety show "30 Seconds to Fame" on AXN last night and thought it was a really entertaining show, with some really good acts and have even been seen on other variety shows before. And then there were those that were just plain horrible. It just proves that cheap pop comedy won't work all the time, and I'm sure those idiots from Scenario here in Malaysia would be booed off the stage just like the others on the show that thought that by doing a dumb stunt for a cheap laugh would get them anywhere. Heck, I wouldn't mind if a Malaysian company picked up on the idea and had a show like that here too. But then again, Malaysian's show alot of favouritism, so the bad acts would probably get through while the good ones get neglected.
I also thought the big woman that one on the second show was definately worthy of the win, cause the sista' had SOUL! It wouldn't surprise me if she had auditioned for American Idol before, but was passed over by those dumbass judges too.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Something to debate

I was just reading my buddy TenzanTeam2K's new web journal (not to be confused with blog) and he made out a nice little rant about the state of puroresu right now and how he'd like to debate some of the stuff I said about it. So, being the wise-guy I am, I decided to counter his "debate" with some views of my own on the state of things in the Japanese wrestling scene now. Hop on over to the puroresu blog and check it out. Feel free to leave comments too.

Also up on the blog, like the Undertaker's current run, I brought back Spoiling The Illusion as a special treat to those who missed it. Also got some stuff posted on the video games and heavy metal blogs, so read and enjoy.