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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Slapped with Confirmation and New Jobbings

On Sunday I was officially Confirmed by the Catholic church, meaning I'm now all legal to get married in the Christian church. I had to spend nine nights attending church to get to this, climaxed with the official Confirmation ceremony at the church together with 149 kids where I was blessed and slapped by the Bishop to get my confirmation. That's the final obstacle out of the way on the road to getting married.

On Monday I just began my new job in the field of logistics. It really wasn't what I expected it to be, and it can be rather exhausting at times, but I'm still learning the ropes and hopefully it'll be alright once I get the hang of things.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Birthday Bru-Ha-Ha

Yesterday was my 29th birthday. That's right, I'm now officially 29-years OLD. In honor of the occassion, I handed in my resignation and quit my job effective this Friday. I've been working the same dead end job for the past 3 years and it's time for a change. Thankfully, I've already got a new higher-paying job lined up starting next week thanks to Ling, and even though it'll probably be tougher than my old job, I still look forward to it.
To celebrate my birthday, me and Ling had planned on going to Japanese restaurant Shiki, but unfortunately it was closed! So we instead went to the older and more costly Japanese restaurant, and they didn't even have ramen, which was what we wanted in the first place. We ended up ordering udon instead, along with a few side dishes.
When that was done, we had to rush to church as I'm in the middle of attending the Novena of the Holy Light course to get my Confirmation, which is this Sunday. Just a few more days of this and I'll be done with it.

Not one of my better birthday celebrations, but it was still an enjoyable time.

Streamyx still sucks by the way.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Clean Up in the Back Room

So on Saturday me and Ling didn't do much since I had to attend this course at church every night for nine nights to get my Confirmation next Sunday. That's an hour and a half of my life every night I'll never get back since it's so friggin boring. And I'll have to go again in June since this isn't the actual Confirmation course!

Anyways, I guess the good part of the weekend was that Ling spent the night at my place again on Saturday and spent all day Sunday helping me clean up our future room as well as cleaning up my current room. And so begins the slow process of moving everything over to the new room I guess.
She had dinner at my place and accompanied me to church that evening as well to experiance the boredom I have to sit through every night for the next week. The things a guy has to do to get hitched eh?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Streamyx still sucks

I've been having a lot of problems with my internet connection as of late, and now I hear Streamyx is going to offer a 4mb connection for about RM200? Give me a break! Their current service for just 1mb sucks to high Heaven and they expect people to believe they can handle 4mb? Or does that mean they plan on leeching bandwith from the smaller towns like Miri and re-route it to the big cities so they can have their faster connection while we suffer? It's all a load of BS.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Super Hero Fatal Four-Way

Warning! This post contains spoilers for the Spiderman 3 movie!
Me and Ling went to watch the highly anticipated Spiderman 3 movie last night and I really enjoyed it just like the previous two movies. It was an interesting change of character for Spiderman to let the fame get to his head, I loved the Sandman as the sympathetic villian, but I though Venom could have been better since he's supposed to be the steroided up freak version of Spiderman. Green Goblin Jr. was also a bit of a dissapointment since he lacked the fighting skills of his dad, though the improved look was ok. I didn't like all the speedy and shakey camera shots during the fight scenes though, and I also didn't like it when Spiderman, Venom or Green Goblin Jr. fought unmasked. Sure it adds realism so you think it's the actual actors up there fighting at frantic speeds, but personally I think it takes away from the characters they are playing. And of course they had to kill off someone. At least Sandman survived and there's the possibility of a Venom return, or even a Carnage appearance for the next movie.
Overall, If you loved the first two movies, you have no excuse not to watch this one! And keep your eyes open for the obligatory Stan Lee, Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi cameos.

Nacho Libre sucked, and I went to church the day after

I watched the lucha libre inspired Jack Black movie Nacho Libre on DVD over the weekend with Ling, and while the movie did have some funny moments, it's one of those movies that you just watch once and consider selling it second hand after.

I guess the good news was that Ling spent the night at my place that night and we both went to church the next morning not only to attend mass, but to find a priest for our wedding. Unfortunately for us, it was the bishop that was doing the services that day. Our priest problem is solved though since I finally found us a priest yesterday. Problem is he's a strict one and not to be taken likely. But what the hey, beggers can't be choosers.
On Sunday we also went back to the photo studio to pick our wedding photos again because we weren't quite satisfied with the first selection. Now that's done and out of the way, we basically got all our wedding plans covered save for confirmation on the date from the priest.

Friday, May 04, 2007

One of the toughest decisions you'll ever make...

...deciding on the photos to choose for your wedding album! Seriously, me and Ling spent the entire afternoon on Wednesday selecting our photos to be used in our wedding album at the photo studio, and it's no easy task cutting down 120+ pictures to just 21 for the album. While some can easilly be omited, it can be migrane inducing when it comes down to the final batch of eliminations. And after you pick out the 21, you have to again choose from that 21 which photos to print out for the Thank You cards, framed photos, portraits and etc! All I can say is, if you can afford it, try getting a package that gives you more than 21 shots to choose from.
Personally, I wasn't really impressed with some of the camera work that was done to take the photos. Some of them were cut off at the top of the head for no apparant reason, as well as other shots that should have been zoomed out just a bit more to get a complete and better shot. To make things worse, we have to go back on Sunday to choose again cause Ling's family wasn't satisfied with our choosing of some of those cut off photos! Here comes the migrane again.

Movie Madness

Last week me and Ling went to the Star Cineplex and watched Pan's Labyrinth. I knew the movie wasn't going to be in english, but I was surprised at the gore content of the show. It's no wonder the show won awards for visual effects after seeing scenes like the Major stitching his own mouth with a hook after it was sliced open by the rebel maid!
Saturday night me and Ling watched Night At The Museum on DVD. It was good to finally watch it finish after the very bad experiance at the cineplex some months back, and I liked the way the movie played out in the end. I wonder if they'll make a sequel?
Sunday I caught the premiere of the movie Papparazzi on Star Movies. I always enjoy a good revenge movie and this was no exception, featuring a rising action star who gets bugged by the papparazzi who constantly harrass his family to the point that he snaps after his entire family is almost killed in a car wreck caused by the evil photographers and he starts to get his revenge taking them out one by one. I know not all paparazzi are as mean as the movie portrayed them, but the heels in this movie definitely deserved what they got.