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Monday, May 31, 2004

Made the 'Papers again!

Once again the Evil Influence of Extreme is spread accross Malaysia as another of my many literary arts was published in the STAR newspaper today. OK, so it was just another letter published in the Grunt 'n' Groan wrestling section. It was my WWE Pond Water rant against Jim Ross. Unfortunately Dwayne saw fit to edit and cut out alot of the content to save space for some lame-ass newbie WWE fan's letter. He didn't even print my e-mail address so I can get fan (or hate) mail from my loyal readers. Geez. Anyways, you can find the original uncut version of my article in the archives section of my puroresu blog.

Now I got to go rack my brain as I toil to decide what puroresu tapes to order next...

The Four Horsemen of King of Colosseum 2

Hell Freezes Over...Keiji Mutoh (AJPW) Mitsuharu Misawa (NOAH) Shinya Hashimoto (Zero-One) and Masahiro Chono (NJPW)

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Vacation Time!

Today my parents begin their long outstation vacation. I'm left home alone, so I consider that MY vacation time. Bar a few small, tiresome responsibilities like watering the plants and feeding the aquarium fish and my Dudley Dawg, Spike, I get the whole house to myself for a few days to do whatever the heck I want. At least until I run out of money....

Updated some stuff today. The return my Spoiling the Illusion column, where WWE kinda dropped the ball after several weeks of strong, must see RAW episodes. Also added some wrestling news and thoughts from the past week.
And I've also put up some music video reviews and a small news bit.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Online 24/7!!!

FINALLY got my Streamyx up and running today! I was REALLY suprised how much faster my internet connection is now as compared to before, about 5X faster! With that, it also slashes down my monthly budget as I don't have to get anymore of those irritating TM Net reload cards and pay for the phone bill every month too. Life is good right now!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Eugene main events RAW!

Yup! Eugene had his first main event on WWE RAW this week! Read the report for the show. I've also posted some NOAH and All Japan news. I also forgot to mention it the other day, but I posted a review of the first ULTIMATE CRUSH, since it was my birthday and the event took place on the same month a year ago.

Jackal's a Jackass
My buddy TenzanTeam2K alerted me to a letter written in the STAR newspaper on Monday by one "Jackal" in the weekly Grunt 'N' Groan column. In it, the Jackal bashed Chris Benoit for beating HHH and HBK for the world title at WrestleMania XX and retaining it at the rematch at Backlash. He claims to be a huge HBK fan (mark) just beacause of HBK's fag like dancing intro. All I gots to say about that is, "Dude! How many WEEKS have you been a wrestling fan?" It's obvious you have NO sense of wrestling history if you think HBK or HHH deserve to be champion now more than Benoit. TT2K already said enough about why he thinks your a Jackass instead of a Jackal. I just want to add it's an insult to Don Callis you would want to steal his old WWF/E gimmick and not even show a shred of the intelligence he had while he was under it.

Someone beat me to the punch
While looking around a VCD store yesterday, I came upon a KoRn videography VCD! That was my idea to compile one! Oh well, at least it saves me the time and trouble of downloading the videos off the net.

I ain't no gardener!
My parents will be taking a long vacation starting this weekend where they'll be going to Genting Highlands, and then to Hong Kong! Did they ask me to go with them? Yes. Then they figured out they couldn't find anyone to look after the dumb plants in the garden and feed the dog! I don't mind looking after my Dudley Dawg, Spike, but I HATE LOOKING AFTER PLANTS! I already warned them in advance I will not be responsible if the plants wither and croak while under my watch. Geez. They forget my birthday, and this is what I get as consolation?

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Birthday Bash!

I would have posted this earlier, but there was a darn blackout in my whole area today.

Hello, chin!
Much like Slipknot re-invented their image, I decided to change my image by finally shaving off my goatee! Problem is, after shaving it off, and with my current hair do, I now bare an uncanny resemblance to King of the Cage fighter Jimmy Ambriz! Heck, I even almost physically look like him (see below), just minus the tatoos!

The Festivities
First off, had to fetch Trish from work as she promised me a birthday suprise. But I was the first to suprise her when I showed up clean shaven! She then treated me to dinner at Nikko Japanese Restaurant! This was the first time either one of us had eaten there, even though it was right opposite the college we used to attend! We helped ourselves to several tasty menu items like eel, lamb tappenyaki, stuff potatoes and of course, raw sushi! This was the first full Japanese meal I've had since me last trip to KL and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
We practically stayed there till closing time, 10.00pm. We then headed to Star Cineplex to watch Starsky and Hutch. Really fun movie, though we were both pretty tired from a heavy meal to really get into it. I do recommend checking out an un-censored version.

Not a bad way to spend a birthday, huh? And some big happenings in the puroresu world went on during my birthday too, the big K-1 ROMANEX show featuring 5 New Japan fighters VS K-1 Fighters and NEW All Asia tag champions crowned in All Japan Pro Wrestling!

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Now Open for Business!

As of midnight last night, my new puroresu VCD website is officially open for business! Here's the URL: http://extremepuroresu.tripod.com/vcds/index.html

I've also included the the url to the links in the right corner in case you guys forget the address in the future.
Check it out and let me know what you guys think. My complete list of currently available puroresu shows is up, and I encourage all my regular customers to check out the site for updates when I receive new titles. The site is currently in the Ver. 1.0 stage, but I'll make some big changes in my next update of the site.
It's my birthday today, so that's my birthday treat to the world! Enjoy!

I've also updated some wrestling news and thoughts from the past week.

I got a big night to celebrate tonight. I'll update you guys on the festivities tomorrow.

Friday, May 21, 2004

False hopes and alot of annoyance

The past two days I've been on an roller coaster ride as far as my mood's been concerned. Yesterday I woken up rather rudely by the loud banging noise of contracted workers doing work on the back gate pillars. Great. MORE renovations. Then I receive a letter in the mail saying my Streamyx line is ready and I'm thinking, 'Whoopee! I don't have to wait for that idiot from Telekom to come, I can do it myself!'. So I spend the afternoon installing my ADSL USB modem by myself and even calling up the TM Net hotline to get step by step installation instructions. So everything was setup but I still couldn't connect to the net. The guy on the hotline asked me to contact the Sarawak branch to check if the line was active. It took forever for me to finally get through and the women on the other end asks me to hold while she checks the line. Wouldn't you know she HUNG UP ON ME?!? Getting on my nerves, I try several times again before finally getting through and the bitch at the other end says they can't activate my line 'till the contracted personal comes over to my place to do everything I've already done as far as installation is concerned! And only when that bozo gets here can they activate my Stramyx line! Pop goes a vein in my head.

This morning I was rudely woken again this time by POWER TOOLS at an even EARLIER time than yesterday! I also didn't appreciate the workers using the hood of my car as a spot to park their bags. Then I receive a invoice in the mail, My G1 CLIMAX TAPES HAVE ARRIVED! YES! I also then receive a call from Imperial Mall, the latest issue of Revolver magazine has arrived! Double whoop! So this afternoon I go get my mag (which I've posted some highlights on in the Metal section) and tapes. As soon as I get back, I grab a cold root beer and pop vol.1 of the G1 Climax into my VCR. All goes well untill HORROR OF HORRORS! THE AUDIO IS OUT OF SYNC! ALL THREE TAPES WOULD HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! WHAT THE HELL?!? I immediately go online and emailed Alfredo Esparza of Wrestleholicsvideos to complain and hopefully I can get replacements, unless his master copy has the same problem, to which case I'm screwed.

So to all my loyal Puroresu VCD customers who have been asking when the G-1 Climax would be available, I'm sorry to say your just gonna have to wait a little longer. Unless you don't mind watching a show were you get to hear what happens before it actually does.

The only positive news I have to announce is that if all goes well, tomorrow I will officially open my new web-site where I'll officially be selling VCDs online! I'll post the address here tomorrow so all of you can drop by and check it out. Let me know if I'm a good web-builder, ok? Till then, the clock's ticking...

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Beginning the road to Badd Blood

WWE RAW continues a strong series of shows as they start the road to Badd Blood. A great tag title match and battle royal to crown a no.1 contender, plus a special rare appearance by the Rock! Also posted some post Judgment Day thoughts and the results of Ebessan and Kuishinbo Kamen working a NOAH show.
Also got a ton of music video reviews up to help all you metal heads know which videos rock and which to pass.

To all my Puroresu VCD customers, I'm currently working on a proper website to host my VCD business. I'll let you guys know how things go. And I'm expecting some new tapes this week. Check back for updates.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Passing Judgement on WWE

Posted my WWE Judgment Day pay per view results. It was an OK show despite the poor (and in some cases, cheesy) build up. Lets all hope SmackDown gets back on track in the following weeks. My predictions for the show are 6-2-0, bringing my PPV total to 27-11-3.

Watched the Survivor final on Friday night and I wasn't suprised that enough members of the jury hated Boston Rob enough to give the million dollars to Amber. What suprised me was when Boston Rob proposed to Amber before the results were read! I guess he wins either way. Now theres the added twist that the fans get to vote for a second winner, which should be interesting since it's open to all the Survivor All Stars to pick from.
And on Jay Leno last night, Boston Rob and Amber were among the guests on the show and they pointed out how despite their marriage plans, there's a Survivor rule that states they aren't allowed to split the one million, though Rob does get a $250,000 2nd prize. The only other rule in Survivor is that they aren't allowed to physically assault each other during their time on the island.
The two also pointed out how the attraction between them came about and that they never really trusted each other till AFTER the series was over! And with regards to who the fans will vote the 2nd million to, they said they really have no favorites to get the money other than themselves! Heh.

I spent the the afternoon yesterday with Trish at the Miri Crocodile Farm. Weird place for a date, huh? Actually, we're running out of places to go since Miri is a small town. And since we don't get out in the sun much, we thought why not? They had a new enclosure for the sun bears and look to be expanding more soon. We'll probably go back in a few months if we really get bored again.

Last night my neighbour's crazy kid (WWE would refer to it as 'special') escaped when no one was looking, and as he climbed the gate, the whole darn thing collapsed! He may have hurt himself, but like a crackhead high on his fix, he shrugged it off and made a run for it. Why my neighbours never had him commited in the first place is beyond me.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Where the Hell is my Streamyx?!?

I've been wondering that the past week! I finally got fed up of calling them all the time that I just gave in and bought a TM Net reload card today just so I could check my email, update my blog and surf the web again.

So for now I've posted my WWE Judgement Day PPV predictions. It's a really weak looking card but I hope they at least put on some entertaining wrestling. Also posted a review for the Punisher movie soundtrack. Really kick ass CD! Check 'em out.

At least I managed to keep myself busy by playing Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex on PS2. I finished it in just TWO DAYS! See what happens when I have too much time on my hands? Currently playing the excellant Onimusha 3. I'll have reviews up later.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Late look at WWE RAW

OK, I know I was suppose to post a RAW report yesterday, but wouldn’t you know when I wanted to catch the replay of RAW this week since I missed the original airing, it gets the delayed due to the live telecast of the Thomas Cup? That finished at around midnight and then I still had to wait till about 2AM for RAW cause of a dumb soccer show. Since it was too late to stay up and watch, I just recorded the show and left the VCR on overnight. I just had the chance to watch the tape and it was a heck of a show. Check out my thoughts on the show in the puroresu section.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Skipped RAW to hunt Vampires

OK, I know RAW was a must see show this week with five big matches on the card, but unfortunately I had to pass on it to go out with Trish. I’ll catch the replay tonight and post my thoughts tomorrow morning, but I did post some Puroresu news.

So anyways, Trish had two complementary tickets to watch any movie at the Star Cineplex at Bintang Plaza. But the tickets aren’t valid for movies marked as ‘No Free List’. Problem is that other than Taking Lives which we had already watched, everything else was listed as No Free List! What the heck? And the tickets expire this Saturday. So we just took the chance and will wait for later in the week to use the tickets hoping that something would be dropped from the No Free List set of movies.

We decided to pay to watch a movie and picked the new Hugh Jackman movie ‘Van Helsing’. Trish got a discount on her ticket since it was Ladies night. The movie itself was great with lots of action scenes, special effects and CGI. I liked the way they meshed together several classic monster movie storylines (Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman) into this movie, kinda like the way all the characters were brought together in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Dracula was a way cool heel in this movie, he kinda reminded me of Casanova Frankenstein from the Mystery Men movie at times. Maybe it’s the Transylvanian accent?
The only complaint I would have is the explanation at the end for how to kill Dracula, which I won’t spoil here, but I bet will raise a few eyebrows for those who follow vampire movies. I did like the original twist as to why He has no reflection though. I also notice Van Helsing has a tendency to no sell a lot of the punishment inflicted on him. He might look a bit like him, but he’s not the Undertaker for crying out loud! The storyline also does seem a bit rushed at times too.
I still highly recommend watching this movie as its great fun the whole way through!

Monday, May 10, 2004

Stop The Press!

Once again the words of the Extreme have been printed in The STAR newspaper! It's a bit late, but the Dwaynester finally printed my short rant on ASTRO's horrible BM sub-titles on NWA:TNA each weekend. Hope everyone who reads it agrees with me.

Where the heck is Telekom? My Streamyx is WAY overdue! Called them and they said the line was ready and they'd send someone over to install the modem, but I'm STILL WAITING! My TM Net credit is nearing it's limit and I don't plan to reload unless I really have to.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Happy Mom's Day!

Loads of updates today! HUSTLE-3 results and the latest Spoiling the Illusion is up, a tape review of All Japan's October Giant Series 1994, and the return of Slipknot as I take a look at their new video, Duality!

The past few days have been kinda fun compared to last weekend. The return of two of my favorite shows to Star World, Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Thursday, spent some time with Trish on Friday evening, and last night having a good laugh watching Undercover Brother on HBO followed by Knight of Gamblers on Satelite TV.

Today is Mother's Day. I didn't do much but wish my mom Happy Mother's Day. Then my sister in law Donna and my nephew Zach and my newborn niece Angel came over to say hi to mom. I did think it was kind weird that Zack gave my mom a red rose, but in his other hand was holding a toy gun. Dez, what's with that kid of yours?

More good news for Puroresu fans, I'll be sending out an order for some Puroresu shows tomorrow from BlueThunderTapes to test order from them. Expect it to arrive in a few weeks along with another order I've made from WrestleHolicsVideos.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Posted my New Japan NEXESS results and thoughts as well as my WWE RAW report, which was suprisingly good this week.
Also got a tape review up for ZERO-ONE's 2002 Truth Creation PPV. This was the first Zero-One show I ever watched and recently had a chance to check it out again from front to back.

For Heavy Metal fans, I've posted Metal Edge Magazine's picks of top albums for 2003. Sure it's a bit late for that, but what the heck? Also included Revolver's pretty lame list in comparison.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Four Days of Head Pain

Sounds like a good movie title doesn't it? Unfortunately, that's what I had to endure for the past few days. ALOT of boredom or the feeling of just being fed-up with everything. At least I made some money on the side with my VCD sales, the proceeds of course going into getting more puroresu tapes from overseas.

I'm sick and tired of housesitting all the time because of all the dumb renovations to the house my parents (actually my mom's idea) are making, which I feel are unnescessary. If it ain't broke, why fix it? It's bad enough they spend alot of money to fix up the garden with all kinds of ridiculously easy to die plants, but they expect me to look after them when they go of town for business! A green thumb I do not have as no matter how much freakin' water I pour on 'em, they end up wilted anyways! Why can't my mom get something that doesn't die so easily like a cactus or something?!?
I hate when my afternoon plans are disrupted cause I have to keep an eye on the damn workers as they do their work and make sure they don't steal anything. I was seriously pissed on Friday when I had to rush home from an appointment in town 'cause the stupid workers came in to work last minute on a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!?!

Yesterday I had to meet a 'friend' of mine who really annoys me so much I changed his name to 'Annoying' in my handphone list. Get this through your thick head @$$hole! When I say I'll be there, I'll be there right on time! No sooner, no later! Don't expect me to just pop out of thin air and appear in front of you cause you got there an hour early and can't wait for me to get there! I have a schedule to follow, and if you can't work with it, then BUGGER OFF! It also wouldn't hurt for you to spare a few braincells to read the tracklist I've provided before asking me supid questions.

At least last night I got to catch one of my all time favorite movies on HBO, Falling Down starring Michael Douglas. I just love this movie about a guy who just LOSES IT and goes ballistic on all the common problems in society. I can tell this movie was well researched as all the info I've studied about spree killers or guys who snap due to pressure or frustration was depicted well in this movie.

Remember that crack I made about Japantapes closing down when the guy planned to move awhile back and with all the delays to re-opening the site? Well, Japantapes is indeed now CLOSED INDEFINATELY due to the guy's continued computer problems! Guess I'll have to take my business elsewhere for the time being. Even Triplecrowntapes who hasn't updated their site in almost NINE MONTHS is still taking orders even though they don't have any new shows!

I spent most of the today finishing up a VCD order, and when I was done and finally thought I could go take a nap and rest myself before going out tonight, suprise, suprise! the stupid contractor has to come and continue work in the kitchen! Today is a public holiday! Aren't you suppose to be off or something?!?

At least today ended on a good note. Me and Trish finally had some time to go out together. We had planned on going to Pizza Hut, but the place was full, so we just went to Mickey D's. That's McDonald's for you out there who aren't 'hip'. We then went to watch the new Angelina Jolie movie, 'Taking Lives'. I like movies about serial killers, and this was ok though the ending almost became a dissapointment. We originally wanted to watch the Johnny Depp movie, 'Secret Window', but it was playing too late.

Today was also the day of New Japan's big NEXESS Tokyo Dome show. I'll post the results later. I was pretty happy with the way things turned out, except for the result of one match, which I'll get into when I post the results.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna watch an Exorcism in Indonesia in one of the satellite TV channels. Don't know if it's real, but should be interesting.

Saturday, May 01, 2004


I'd like to appologize for the lack of updates recently as I've been a bit busy and now even have contracted a slight case of 'pink eye'. I've also been doing a lot less surfing of the net these days also cause I was expecting to receive my Streamyx broad band line this week but it still wasn't ready yet.

Anyways, I've updated my Spoiling the Illusion column as well as a look at the HUSTLE-3 show next week in the Puroresu section, so check it out.