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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Delayed Play

So I was all set on Monday to watch TNA Lockdown on PPV in the evening after work, but when the time for the PPV came around I was not able to watch it at all thanks to the stupid bad weather disrupting my digital TV transmission! I entirely missed the PPV because of it and had to settle for watching the replay last night which thankfully went off without a hitch.
Click the link to check out my review of the show, which was really good overall.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Clean up, isle 5!

I seriously need to clear up my PC hard disc space since it's getting really crowded what with all my torrent downloads. Problem is I like to keep things organised and not mix stuff up, so it's usually not until I have enough of the same medium like say, a bunch of Dragon Gate shows I can burn on a disc together that I actually get around to it. And when I do get enough stuff together and burn it to DVDR, there's the other problem of me not deleting them from the PC cause I usually haven't gotten around to watching them yet. For some reason, I just feel lazy to watch the shows off data discs after I burn them.
But I hope to go through the stuff in the next few days cause I really need the space now. With that, I watched the Big Japan 1/02/06 Korakuen Hall show last night, the first BJW show of the year and it was really good as far as matches went. Click the link and check out my review. More to come soon.

Saturday night me and Ling (Trish's Chinese name which she will now be known as per her request) watched the Disney Channel premiere of The Incredibles. We missed the beginning a bit, but this movie was every bit as enjoyable as when we first watched it in the cineplex several years back. Heck, with my wide screen TV and digital ASTRO transmission, I could even see more of the fine detail that was put into the production that I couldn't notice from the dark cineplex screen.

Yesterday me and Ling went for a haircut. I almost thought of not cutting my hair when Ling remarked about how my hair was starting to resemble Bam Margera, and I was even growing my goatee back too which added to it. Heck, I even like wearing jackets when I go out now to complete my nu-metal look. But I did end up cutting my hair and so did Ling.

Now it looks like another long boring work week, but the good news is, 3 DAY WEEKEND COMING UP!

Monday, April 17, 2006

It's your birthday

Yesterday was Trish's birthday, and I brought her to this new restaurant called the Smiling Seniorita for dinner. This was the first time we ever came to this place which served Mediteranian food. Since both of us are diploma holders in the hospitality industry, we were really surprised by the quality of the food and service of the place as you actually get your money's worth for the food you order. I had the Grilled Cajun Chicken and Trish had the Lamn Mousakka. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and our time, and when we were done we headed out to Boulevard to walk around a bit to work off the food. We then went and bought a small cake to give to Trish's twin sister, Sharon, cause well, they are twins so they celebrate their birthday on the same day, duh. It was also to cheer her up a bit since she was working that night.

So what did I get for Trish herself other than a dinner date at a fancy restaurant? I had previously bought her a new set of clothes she wanted. It's so much easier to get gifts for someone when they straight up tell you what they want. But in addition to that, I had a small surprise for her as I got my mom to buy a bar of white chocolate that Trish loves while my mom was in KL last week. I gave it to Trish at midnight on Saturday while she spent the evening at my place as we watched DVDs of my favorite show, Viva La Bam, and I laughed myself silly at the crazy antics of Bam Margera and his crew.

Friday night me and Trish went to watch the new Disney 3D animated movie, The Wild. I had no idea what the plot to this one was, but judging from the posters and some earlier previews, I thought it was about a bunch of animals escaping the zoo and exploring the city. I was wrong. It was about a bunch of animals escaping the zoo and going in search of the lion's kid and they go from the zoo, to the city to the wild. It was ok, but I really would have preffered if they kept the story confined to just the city. And if you were poking logic at the story, does a tugboat really have enough fuel to make it from New York city to a plush tropical island in the middle of nowhere? Madagascar was a whole lot better than this one I thought, and it comes nowhere near to Ice Age 2.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Road Behind

Dang, I reached one of those times where I get too lazy to update the blog, and BANG! A whole week goes by before I know it.

Anyways, to sum things up, My mom went to KL last week for a week, and my dad went to offshore, so from Friday up till yesterday I was home alone, but if you know me, I'm used to it and don't really mind being by myself, except for all the chores like watering the plants, feeding the fish in my dad's SIX aquariums, and waking up at 6AM to let the dog out cause she's spoilt by my dad and will bark her head off until someone lets her out.
At least the quality quiet time I can spend with Trish is more relaxing.

On another note, my dad bought himself a jeep last week as well. We were in need of a 3rd car, so he bought something he always wanted. I got to take it for a spin the other day, and let me tell ya, there's a really funny feeling you get as you drive down the highway at a 60kmph with the whole car shaking, exhaust fumes in your nostrils (it has a removeable leather roof) and "All Star" by Smash Mouth playing on the radio. Trish couldn't stop laughing either.

Tomorrow I gets a day off since it's Good Friday. Hopefully now with my mom back and can get a good night's rest as I don't think I've had one since last Friday. Trish is working half-day as well, so we might spend the afternoon doing something. Incidentally, her birthday is next week, but luckilly I've already got things planned out for that.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Big Time

I took a day off from work today just so I could watch WrestleMania 22 live on PPV this morning, and it was definately worth it as WWE delivered a great 4 hour show. Click the link to read my report of the show. And in preperation for the big show, yesterday I watched HustleMania 2005! Hustle may not be as serious as other promotions in Japan, but there's definately a reason why they call themselves "Fighting Opera" instead of pro-wrestling. Check out my review of that as well.

Friday night me and Trish spent the evening together watching anime for a change. We watched the rather hilarious Kyou no Go no Ni and Ep.1 of Amaenaideyo!. After that we spent the rest of the evening watching whatever was on TV before sending her home.
We continued on Saturday watching Ghost Hunters, where interestingly enough they investigated the rumoured to be haunted house of Lizzie Borden, who was said to have murdered her parents in the late 1800s with an axe and spawned the following nursery rhyme:

Lizzie Borden took an axe,
and gave her mother forty whacks.
When she had seen what she had done,
She gave her father forty-one!

After Ghost Hunters, we watched Beetlejuice on Cinemax. I hadn't watched this early Tim Burton movie in ages and it was fun watching it again with Trish.

So how did everyone spend April Fool's day? I didn't play any pranks on anyone, but one could have been played on me as my internet connection, well, the phonelines of my house actually, were both out of commission for the whole day on Sunday, and only came back online this morning. Luckilly it's still got a good speed going for it.

So it's back to work tomorrow for me. Seeyaz.