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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

(sick) pt.3: Memoirs of...

After being sick most of the week, I was feeling good on Thursday. Good enough that I was able to go out with Trish like we usually do. We had dinner at McDonalds and than went to watch Memoirs of a Geisha at the cineplex. I thought the story was quite interesting, even if the characters did look rather guillable at times. And yeah, it does seem weird that the main characters of a movie depicting a Japanese lifestyle were all played by Chinese actresses.
Note to self: Mom's birthday is 2/23. I almost forgot it was my mom's birthday if it wasn't for the SMS greetings I received on my cell phone since it's registered under her name.

Friday morning I wake up and my head is pounding and my eyes are hurting. I didn't think much of it at first, but once I was outside my eyes really started to burn from the brightness of daylight. I managed to run a few errands for my office in the morning, but decided to take the afternoon off as it was pretty obvious I was suffering from a migrane or something and didn't want to risk it getting worse. I just relaxed at home for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Saturday morning I was feeling better again, just a little light headed. I went out for lunch with Trish before dropping her off at work. I went home and played some video games before taking a nap to rest my head. That evening I caught The Day After Tomorrow on Star Movies, and it still ranks as one of my fav disaster movies ever. I also watched the finals of the Dragon Gate King of Gate Tournament. Which was a really good show higlighted by an awesome 3-way tag match, a fun Survival Gate battle royal, and a great main event. Click the link to check out my review, which includes a detailed match review of the Survival Gate battle royal, so be warned of spoilers.

I was feeling OK today also. I think I'm at 85%. Spent the day resting at home again. Took a short nap in the afternoon before going out to pick up my mom from the airport. I relaxed in the evening on the PS2 again, where I completed the Ice disc of Cy-Girls. I picked it up in the bargain bin a while back, and it's a decent game with the only flaw being the insanely difficult puzzles, which I had to use a walkthrough guide to get through. That's normal according to many on-line reviews of the game. It's the only thing in it that marred what would be a pretty good game.
After that, I caught the HBO premiere of Shrek 2. Still a fun movie even if I still feel the first movie had the better story.
Now I'm going to go call it an early night and go to bed early so I'll be well rested in the morning to start a new week. Wouldn't want to go through another relapse again now would we?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

(sick) Pt.2

So after thinking I had recovered and all over the weekend with my bout of diarhea/fever/headache, and going to work feeling all hunky-dory on Monday despite a bit of a light head, I wake up on Tuesday and was hit with a full relapse! It was back to a bad case of diarhea and headache, and I had to a sick day off work for 2 days. I'm feeling OK now, so hopefully I'll be alright to go to work tomorrow as well as go out with Trish like we usually do.

In between resting up at least I was able to get in some game time with my PS2, playing through Fight Night Round 2 again as it's really one of my favorite games and I'm prepping myself for Fight Night Round 3 which will be out soon.
I also just got done watching the Zero-One MAX Fantastic Fighting #36 show, which featured a great, heated main event featuring one of my favs, Yoshihito Sasaki, VS hardcore legend Mitsuhiro Matsunaga in a no rope barb-wire and spidernet board double hell death match! The main event was really good! Click the link to check out my review!

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Thursday I took the day off from work as Trish and I had planned to go get our photos taken at a photo studio since we never really had any good studio quality photos taken of ourselves during our engagement back in December. The studio was having an offer for photo sets, but unfortunately for some unknown reason they picked Thursday of all days to CLOSE! There wasn't even any explanation why they would close on that day since the advertised offer expired on that day!
Since we had nothing else to do, we headed to Bintang Plaza and watched Big Momma's House 2 at the cineplex. This was a fun movie and I thought it was a lot better than the original. Of course the storyline of the movie was really cliche' as you've got the family that neglects it's kids, and while under cover, Martin Lawrence's character becomes the bridge that brings all of them back together. I'd still recommend checking it out though, either at the cineplex or just wait for it to air on HBO or something.

I had also taken the day off on Friday since I thought it was pointless to take a day off, return to work for one day, than get through the weekend. May as well make it a 4-day weekend, eh? But Trish wasn't feeling well, and she wasn't 100% since Tuesday since she contracted food poisoning from our Valentine dinner. I took her to see a doctor after she finished work, and we went for dinner after that and we had simple noodles. Than we went to Boulevard where I picked up a new DVD player since the old one conked out on me back in January.
We than came back to my place where we watched "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen", starring Lindsay Lohan back when she was still cute. After which we channel surfed and watched whatever was on till I sent her back at midnight. I was hoping to show her Iron Chef USA, but for some reason they didn't show it on NTV7.

Which brings us to today when I woke up this morning and found out that I had caught whatever it was that made Trish sick. I had a fever, a headache and diarhea, much like she had yesterday. It's a bug that's going around town recently due to the weather, so it leaves me weak at home and not able to go out with Trish tonight.
At least with my free time I was able to watch the Dragon Gate "King of Gate" 12/26/05 show, featuring the quarter finals of the big King of Gate tournament. Check out my review and I'll catch y'all later.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Rise & Shine, Valentine

So yesterday was St. Valentine's Day. And me being the shmuck I am made all my Valentine's Day preperations at the last minute, meaning everything got screwed up.

I originally planned on bringing Trish to this new place called the Smiling Seniorita, which serves Spanish food. I went to check out the place first and book a table, but the place was already full! So, next place to try out was the new Japanese restaurant, Maruhachi. This place was supposed to be expensive since it was located near the Park City Everly Hotel and was targeting the guests of that hotel. Well, I took a look at the menu outside and the prices were decent. I go in to make a booking, and the place is also full! Strike 2. So the last resort was to go to our usual place, the Hot Spot.
I go pick up Trish from her place and we get to Hot Spot, which luckilly for us had ONE table left! Unfortunately the problem here was that Hot Spot was running a full house, but had only ONE PERSON working the kitchen! Add a bumbling new staff member who botched up our order and you get an evening that will be memorable probably for the wrong reasons. Sure we waited an hour to get our mixed grill dinners, but they forgot the soup we ordered! So we let them know they forgot the soup, and they only sent us one bowl! We decided to just keep quiet about it and finish our meals. True enough when the bill came it charged us for two soups instead of the only one they served us. Luckilly I had stopped the bumbling waiter from clearing our table before the bill came so I had proof that they only gave us one soup. So they corrected the bill, I paid for it and we left.
We ended up going to this ice cream place for some ice cream. Actually Trish had ice cream and I just had a milkshake. We chatted for a bit, and than we left and I sent her home. Perfect ending to a less than perfect evening.
We did give each other gifts also by the way. Sticking to my last minute plan, I intended to get her some flowers. I remembered she didn't want real flowers cause they'd wither and wilt. I was thinking of plastic flowers they don't seem right either. Than it crossed my mind she did ask if I could get her one of those novelty flowers with the perfume that emits from it. I looked around, and found it, but decided to pass on it since they looked rather dated and the color had faded. Remembering she had a taste for the weird like myself, I looked around some more and found the perfect gift: a flower submerged in water in an egg! I bought it, gave it to her before dinner, and she loved it! Who da man?
She gave me this "magic mug". Problem is she wouldn't tell me what the magic was and I'd have to figure it out by myself. I think I have a pretty good idea how to get it to work, but haven't tried it out yet. Trish is giving me till Friday to figure it out. Hope I get it right.

So to all of you out there who have someone special in your lives, Happy Valentine's Day. And always remember to cherish your time with your loved ones and to let them know you love them. You can never tell someone you love them too many times.

Gawd do I sound cheesy in that last bit.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

One Legged Wonder

On Thursday while walking around Bintang Plaza with Trish I suddenly felt a stinging pain in my right leg. I'm not sure what it was, but it just got worse and worse the more I walked around, and it didn't help that I also had to drive around. Apprarantly I think I pulled a hamstring or something from just walking around. Weirder injuries have happened. Just ask Kevin Nash.
Either way, the pain got worse that evening and the next day I had to wear knee support just to get through the work day. Even now several days later, there's still a sting in my leg when I walk, but at least it doesn't hurt as much to walk around like it did when it first started.

Anyways, on Thursday me and Trish were originally going to look for watches, cause it's long overdue that I got me a new one, and for Trish to get one since hers was stolen about a year back. Well, she found a good one for herself that was 50% off, but I couldn't find anything for myself that either matched my price range or what I was looking for in a watch.

Not much doing on Friday evening, which was good for me considering the condition my leg was in. I accompanied Trish for dinner during her dinner break than headed home where I lazed watching TV and playing Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, which is one of the best adventure games I've ever played.

Saturday morning I had to get up early to go to the office to help with the refurnishing since some guys were moving to the new lot upstairs. Now I got a bigger table, but I don't have a private office anymore. Gotta wait for them to get the dividers so I'll be stuck in a cubicle als Dilbert. After finishing up at the office, I hobbled to my car than went to fetch Trish and sent her to work after we had lunch together.
After that I just went home and finished the Prince of Persia game, which is again really good and highly recommended if you haven't played it yet. I spent the evening watching the first big NOAH show of 2006, First Navigation at the Nippon Budokan where Jun Akiyama won the GHC heavyweight title off Akira Taue, KENTA made a successful 5th defence of the GHC Jr title against Naomichi Marufuji in an EXCELLENT match, and Kensuke Sasaki returning and the NOAH debut of Akebono. Check out my REVIEW here.

So today I again accompanied Trish for lunch before dropping her off at work. I took a short nap after getting back in the afternoon, and than accompanied my mom to a Chap Goh Meh dinner at the new Boulevard Restaurant with my grandma and uncle's family. This place just opened late last year and I'd been interested to check out the place. Unfortunately this was not a very good first impression they made since after the first two courses there was an almost FORTY MINUTE wait for the next course to come out! I might not be an expert food critic, but having a Diploma in Hotel & Catering Management means I at least know that you do not under any circumstances keep the guests waiting for their meal, even if your running a full house. And it wasn't just our table that was constantly waiting for food either.

So now I'm home watching Viva La Bam, my current favorite show and you people need to watch it to know what I'm talking about. Before that I was watching one of my other favorite reality shows, American Casino. This was another particularly interesting episode as the casino was hosting a Staind concert to close out it's summer. It was obvious the hotel staff had no idea who Staind were, but they did manage to get into it once the concert started. They showed them play 2 songs from the set, Mudshovel and It's Been A While. After the concert, vocalist Aaron Lewis, guitarist Mike Mushok and drummer John Wysocki hit the black jack tables and had a horrible run as they lost alot. Really fun episode too.

Now I'm gonna get some shut eye cause I gotta get up for work in the morning.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Back to Work

So after a lengthy week plus long vacation, it's back to work tomorrow for me. Honestly though, can't say I'm too thrilled about it as I've been infected with the laziness of not wanting to go back to work that usually comes with lengthy holidays.

The good news is Trish is back from her Shanghai vacation. I picked her up from the airport yesterday morning at about 8AM, but what sucks was that she had to go straight back to work that afternoon! Can't they give them a break?
Anyways, she says she didn't enjoy the trip too much since the tour was mostly to boring old landmarks which the elderly group members enjoyed but not everyone else. They didn't even get to see any pandas! On the bright side, she bought me back some authentic Chinese beef jerky. Those things rule even if they are a little salty. She also bought me a nice branded belt. She bought herself a nice pair of boots, which look funnilly enough like wrestling boots!
Anywayz, it's good to have her back as I've really missed her these few days as despite all my free time it's been really boring here without her around. Hopefully next time one of us goes on vacation we'll be able to take the other along.

Now I'm going to go enjoy some beef jerky. Seeyaz!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Two Firsts

Since I'm working all day on weekdays, I usually miss out on a lot of TV that either goes on during the day cause I'm working, or late night since I have to get up early the next day. So you can bet that since I have a whole week off work for the Chinese New Year holidays that I'd be spending it like a big old couch potato.
So during all this TV viewing I got watch two firsts, the first of which happened while watching the World Match Play Darts Championship on Astro Super Sports after WWE RAW on Tuesday. I've always been a big fan of the sport, and used to play it alot myself. Heck, my parents are former club-level champions! Anyways, the match in particular was the quarter-final of the Blackpool Open, with John Part taking on defending champion Phil "The Power" Taylor. Part ended up dominating the champion and taking the win 16-11, but the big deal here is that Taylor was looking for his sixth grand slam title, and the man had not been defeated since 1999! In wrestling terms, this would be as big as when Rikioh beat Kobashi for the GHC title, only in this case it was a almost SIX YEAR undefeated streak that was broken!
And I've really gotta confess something here, for me watching darts is equally exciting as watching pro-wrestling! If you've ever watched the Drew Carey show where they ridiculed it as a slow boring sport, well that is FAR from it! The reality is that it's really exciting, with a lot of competative drama and true skill. Try watching it sometime if you don't believe me.
OK, now that I got that off my chest, the other first that I caught on TV was on Hollywood Squares the other day. Sure I know it's a simple game show featuring B-grade celebrities trying to be funny, but this particular episode was pretty cool cause during the bonus round the contestant became the first person ever to answer every question correctly, thereby guaranteeing she won the bonus prize as each correct answer removed a fake key from the bunch the contestant could choose from to win their bonus prize.

It wasn't all about what was on the boob tube too. I manage to get in some good game time playing X-Men Legends II and Time Splitters: Future Perfect on PS2. And I even got in time to watch some of the anime and puroresu shows I downloaded so I could delete from my HD to save up space to get more stuff.

And to that end, I've got up a new puroresu show review for you all, the AJPW "Unchained World" 11/19/2005 show. Check it out and check back again for more of the good stuff!