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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Back in the Driver's Seat

So after two chicken feather scrubbing treatments, on Saturday morning I was feeling good enough to go to work, and everyone was surprised to see me show up. I explained to them the bizzare treatment I underwent, and surprisingly they all knew what I was talking about.
Anyways, I had lunch with Trish after work, but my diet is still limited to softer, none heatty foods, so I only had noodles. She still had some time on her lunch break, so we jetted off to Imperial Mall where I picked up the latest edition of Revolver magazine, which had a review of American Head Charge's new album "The Feeding", which they gave a 4-star rating to! Can't wait to get a copy of that CD if it ever sees the light of day here. Unfortunately, they also reviewed the latest Hed P.E. album, but only gave it a 1-star rating. Gonna have to judge that one by myself since the Hed guys have made some pretty fun albums before.
Las night, me and Trish went to watch Ms. Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. It was a fun movie, but it was a serious step down from the original. Not to spoil it for you guys, but the main plotline was that Sandra Bullock's character sold out and went all glam since she couldn't be an undercover agent due to her popularity after taking part in the beauty pageant in the first movie. This one took place three weeks after the orignal by the way. Fun movie worth watching, but you can definately find something better to watch.

Onto the blog business. I've posted a new music video review, a PS2 game review (which I'm sure many will hate me for), and the latest puroresu results (real and fictional). And be sure to check out my VCD site, as there are a TON of new shows available, as well as a big announcement. So go enjoy!

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Not as in Amish Roadkill's catchphrase. But some bizzare Chinese remedy Trish talked my mom into giving me for my incredibly annoying headache. It basiacally involved boiling black chicken feathers, then rubbing my body down with it, before rubbing off the access with a special cloth which is supposed to catch whatever is causing the headache and my excessive body heat. So far my headache has lightened up a bit, and should be clear after a second scrub down tomorrow morning.
And right now I've officially broken my record for the most sick-days off work ever.

TV Talk
Last night caught some good TV on ASTRO. First was the Amazing Race 7, where ex-Survivor winners Amber & Rob are still leading the pack. Of course if you didn't know, there are rumours circulating that the game has been rigged to keep the duo in the game to keep the shows ratings up, and judging from all the coincidences last night and acts of dumb luck, I might also have to agree.

CSI was also really good last night as they continued a story from one of the past seasons when a serial killer that got away made a return, specifically to challenge Grissom and the gang to try and catch him! It was really the most interesting episode I've seen so far this season, and the ending was also once of the best ever as (SPOILER ALERT) Grissom once again lost to the psycho when he killed himself inside the police station bathroom! I love it when they make episodes like these!

CSI was then followed by the season finale of Third Watch, which was also really good as it closed the season on a cliffhanger of the city rioting due to a power outage. You also just knew when they said the city was waiting for someone to screw things up and start getting people to riot that that dumbass Bosco would be the trigger of trouble! Also showed how much the younger guys need to listen to the veterans since they called everything that would happen right down the middle when the youngsters wouldn't listen. Great show and can't wait for the next season.

Last night was also the debut of TNA Impact! on TV8, but I couldn't watch it since they aired it at 11:45pm! That's worse then Smackdown on TV3. Why the heck they would put it on at such a time in the middle of the week is beyond me. And of course I wouldn't be surprised if the ratings for the show sucked.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I've got Burning spirit..

...but not in a good way. Just as I called it, after a few hours at work, I became incredibly sick! I had diarhea, gastric, weak appetite, and by yesterday afternoon, and incredibly high fever that felt like my body was on fire!
So I managed to get the afternoon off work for sick leave, which was lucky cause I really felt weak and powerless, like I just wanted to lay down and not even move. Luckilly my mom decided to bring me to see a doctor last night too, and eventhough we waited almost an hour just to get checked for about 5 MINUTES by the doctor, the medicines he perscribed were very effective as I feel alot better today, and I should be ok to resume my duties at work tomorrow.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Here kittie kittie...

Don't know why, but I'm feeling really weak and tired this morning, like I'm about to drop at any minute.

Anyways, Friday night me and Trish went to the fun fair in town. We spent like twenty bucks playing the carny games and all we won was a packet of soya bean drink. Lady luck was definately not on our side that night. But I did see something that reall caught my attention. One of the prizes at one of the booths was a replica shot-gun! Almost life-sized! I so wanted to win that prize, but the odds of winning it without spending at least 50 bucks are slim to none as it was one of the prizes in a wheel of fortune type game. You paid a dollar for a token, then place it on the wheel and spin the dial and if the dial lands on the token when it stops spinning you get ONE point to trade in for a prize. The more points you get, the bigger the prize. The shotgun was 2 points, but the only way to actually win a point to place alot of bets on a single spin since there are at least 50 spots on the wheel!

Anyways, on Saturday evening, me and Trish were unexpectedly sucked into a game of hide and seek. With who? A kitten! As soon as we got back to my place, we could hear meowing in the garage, but couldn't quite figure out where it was coming from, but it was REALLY close. So after listening and looking around, it sounded like it was coming from my dad's car! I popped open the hood, and true enough, there was a little kitten crawling around the engine! I tried to catch it, but it ran out and knocked over a small flower pot as it headed to the back of the house. It then started meowing all over the place as it was calling for it's mom. Me and Trish spent some more time trying to catch it so we could get rid of it, but to no avail.
So we spent the rest of the night watching The Rundown on HBO, starring The Rock. It was ok, but kinda forgetable, like the Scorpion King. Me and Trish also gave each other back heat-rubs. And from the results, looked like we really needed it as we had alot of heat in our bodies.

Caught the premiere of 28 Days Later on Star Movies last night. I already have the DVD, but was interested to see the alternate ending that was advertised. No really big surprised at the end though, just that (SPOILER ALERT) they showed the possibility of how the movie would have ended if Jim died from the gunshot wound he received from the soldier's commanding officer before escaping the compound. They just showed Selena & Hannah wheeling him into a hospital and trying to save him on their own, but fail. They then just walk out of the hospital, leaving Jim's body there. Big whoop, huh?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Robotic Fun

Yesterday while waiting for Trish to get off work I hit the arcade at Boulevard to play that Japanese drum game. I seem to be getting pretty good at it as I can play the later levels, but still on normal difficulty setting. It's fun performing for a crowd too :)
After I fetched Trish, we went to Bintang Plaza and had a simple chicken rice dinner since the both of us are swearing off fast food 'till we're both 100% healthy. Those fried, heatty foods and carbonated drinks don't help much, so we're gonna cut down and see what happens.
So after dinner, we went to the Star Cineplex and caught the new 3D animated movie Robots. From the same people who made Ice Age, this was a really fun movie about a world of robots, though I'll forgive the obvious holes in the story like created them in the first place. Anyways, the story is really good and has alot of hilarious moments to it given that one of the voices is Robin Williams. The big robot battle at the end was a ton of fun too, so I highly recommend checking this one out!

Check out the rest of the blog. I finally put up a new puroresu tape review, a new video game review and a music video review. More to come as usual.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Bit O' Torrent

I've had the progam for a long while now, but I only recently started using and enjoying the benefits of Bitorrent programs to download movies from the internet. In the past two days alone I've downloaded some INCREDIBLE stuff that I'd usually have to pay big bucks for just to get this quickly XD
Anyways, not much happening over the weekend. My parents were outstation on Friday, so Me and Trish came home for the evening where she was introduced to Geanie. Weird thing about the dog, welcomed Trish on the way in, but barked at her on the way out. Heh.
Anyways, the evening was pretty uneventful as we just sat around watching Power Office Girls and whatever else was on TV. And last night wasn't any different either. Other than I had fast food for the first time in two weeks and I hadn't even fully recovered from my poor health yet, so needless to say, the combination of fried food and carbonated drinks resulted in my sore-throat and bad cough coming back with a vengeance. But it was worth it :)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hot Doggie!

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I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when I went home for my lunch break. As I pulled into the curb, there was a hyper-active weener dog running around garage! Appearantly, my parents bought a new pet to replace Spike. Only like I mentioned above, this little doggie is hyper-active! It's like she OD'd on coffee or something as she runs around in circles alot around the garden. And her name is Geanie, as named by my dad. Ain't she cute?
Now I got to go through the long slow process of training her from scratch(aka breaking her spirit XD), but at least she's already house-trained.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bangin' da Drums!

Yesterday I was finally well enough to go to work, and decided to go out with Trish after since we hadn't seen much of each other last week due to my poor health. I also had to go switch the Tekken 5 game I bought the other day cause there was a problem with the disc I had.
Anyways, while waiting for Trish to get off work, I decided to kill time a bit at the arcades at Boulevard Shopping Complex. And what should I see when I get there? Low and behold, they had that Japanese drum game that my buddy TenzanTeam2K was an ace at in KL! I also noticed no one else was playing it, so naturally, I popped my token in and played a few games. I think I did pretty well my first time around, and accidentally stumbled on to the ever annoying Samurai X theme, and I aced it on the first try! I'm gonna work my way up the ranks till I master that game and can ace the Stalker Ishikawa theme in the game like my buddy has.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Feel the pain!

Well, my ills still haven't improved for the past few days and I'm still having difficulty breathing due to all the haze in the air. I couldn't even go out with Trish last night like we usually do or tonight even for that matter.
On her advice however, we went to get a body-heat releasing back rub. Luckilly for me I have an almost masochistic feel for pain so it didn't hurt so much, except for when they were dredging the back of my neck! Felt like they were raking the skin off with a steel comb or something! With that out of the way, now I gotta suffer through one night with no air-conditioning or fans blowing me so the heat can be released. I also can't shower for at least 10-hrs! But whats a guy to do?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sick as a Dawg

Currently listening to: "No Name" by Motograter and "Into The Light" by Misia

The past few days have not been kind to me health-wise. It started on Tuesday when my cold got worse and I had to take a sick day from work. On Wednesday it wasn't any better I had to MC altogether. This morning I was feeling better after taking some anti-biotics and medicines supplied to me by Trish since she works in a pharmacy.
But after being exposed to the office air-conditioning, my cold came back ten-fold! Not only was my nose all clogged up, but I had practically lost my voice! So with permission from my HAGE boss, I once again took a sick day to rest at home again.
Right now, my voice is better, but the cold is still there, as well as the slight feeling of light-headedness. Hopefully I can get well soon, or this'll really mess up my weekend plans with Trish.

Well, I guess the only good news I have right now is that the Jap satellite TV channel started showin Power Office Girls, one of my fav shows that they used to show on TV3. And it's starting at Season 1 too! At least there's something to watch now after a dry spell of boring similar shows on the channel. Even the animes they show suck now btw.